Where Should You Focus Your Social Media Efforts?


When push comes to shove, it may be extremely difficult to stay relevant, consistent, and engaged across the major social media platforms on a daily basis, and employing a strategy in order to tackle them successfully could be in order.

Looking at one aspect of this on IFB today, the question at hand is whether you should focus on the platform that has already given you the most followers, or dedicate your time to expanding upon your presence and influence on the others.

Five bloggers who have incredible social media prowess, lent some insight into their tactics and gave valuable advice, found below:

Eileen Dautruche, Miss Whoever You Are

“I definitely think you should focus on platforms where you have a strong and captive audience.

You have followers there for a reason and if they trust your voice, opinion, and/or aesthetic, devoting time and energy to ensure you're providing them with engaging and relevant content is always worth it.

That said, you don't want to neglect the platforms where you may not reign supreme! Think of it as an opportunity, and challenge yourself by trying to build that audience, given you have the energy and time for it. I have a 70/30 split, in terms of focus  between my strong platforms and the weaker ones when I try to devote time and resources to grow on those platforms.”

Tori Mistick, Wear.Wag.Repeat.

“Developing a social media strategy for your personal blog should be given as much thought as a social media plan for a client.

Not every social network is the right fit for everyone, so it's important to evaluate where your time will be best spent.

For me and Wear. Wag. Repeat., that's Pinterest. My blog is about a year and a half old now and I've had Google analytics installed on it since day one. I started to notice that I was getting a lot of traffic from Pinterest, so I started purposefully writing my posts and editing my images to encourage more pinning. On the other hand, I totally neglect my Facebook fan page for Wear. Wag. Repeat. because it doesn't seem to drive very much traffic.

None of us have very much free time, so I recommend choosing one or two social networks to focus on rather than spreading yourself really thin across 10 platforms and only having a handful of followers on each. In this case less is more, you can develop a stronger community by focusing your efforts.”

Megan Zietz, TFDiaries

“I personally work on one platform at at time. I get my numbers to a place I'm happy with for the moment and move on to the next, making it somewhat like a cycle. It helps me stay connected to my readers from each platform without dedicating a huge chunk of time to just one.”

Vera Sweeney,  Lady and the Blog

“I know this will be frowned upon by most, but I make sure to spend time each day on all of my social media platforms. I carve out about two hours a day to ensure I engage with members from the Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, YouTube and Instagram communities. Ever since Facebook changed its algorithm limiting my readership to 1-3% of my actual audience base, I realized that I can not solely rely on any one platform.

One change in Facebook's back end has permanently ruined my reach on their site. Imagine if I didn't have the other outlets as backup?

It was a hard lesson learned and one that I will never forget. I don't pay for the rights to use these social media sites. I don't have a say in their policies. Therefore, I have to be sure that my bases are covered in case another platform decides to change the way they display their messages. It's time consuming, but it's worth it.”

Lara Eurdolian, Pretty Connected

“You should always be open to evolving. And checking your analytics and engagement level on each network to see what's worth investing your time in.

Whenever a new social network comes out it's intimidating to start at zero followers but it's important to give the major ones a chance while not neglecting any channel where you have an influence.

For example, to date, I have the most followers on Twitter. This year, I decided I wanted to invest my time in growing my Instagram — I gave Vine a chance but ultimately didn't have the bandwidth or time to make fun and creative videos and Instagram seemed to fit my lifestyle more. Growing that channel became more important to me than Twitter since I saw the potential in being able to use it as a mini blog platform where I could share my thoughts on new products and event experiences in a more visual way.

I still check my Twitter regularly and respond to my followers, I'm just not as active. As of now, I'm slated to have more Instagram followers then Twitter followers by the end of the year… The important thing is to regularly evaluate your strategy. If I was not getting such an overwhelming response to the amount of engagement and time I've put into Instagram, I would have put that time back into Twitter or tried a different platform.”


Which strategy do you employ and why?

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31 Responses

  1. Jess Zimlich

    Vera makes such a great point! I spend the most time on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook (but this last one is just because I feel like I HAVE to). I would like to ramp up my Pinterest efforts, but I haven’t seen much traffic from it!

    • Joelle

      I do the same as you, Jess – except I am also quite addicted to Pinterest. I’m new to the party that is Instagram only because I FINALLY sprung for a shiny new phone that supports it! *embarrassed*

  2. Joanne

    I tend to spend the most time on Instagram, as my blog is very visual I find it’s the best way to represent it. With time I feel I should branch out to try other platforms but for now I’m happy! Great post, thanks for all the opinions/advice!

    Joanne | http://www.fashion-oh.blogspot.com


      I love your outfit posts on your blog. I think you can really make something of Pinterest with your pictures using the right wording! At first you might now see anything, but it’ll pick up. That’s what I did with a post on my daughter’s curly hair and now Pinterest is my main traffic source.

  3. TlvBirdie

    It is important to have strong presence on every and each social platform you’ve chosen, it is time consuming but eventually it will pay off. You never know where you can find a new wave of potential followers.
    These days I put all my efforts for Instagram and Pinterest. As I believe my power is the unique visual language I offer to my readers.
    I got this article written on how to improve your visual presence on Instagram with 10 useful tips : http://bit.ly/better_instagrammer


  4. zaamissbowtie

    There’s only so much time available and I find that I can’t create unique content for many platforms and keep them all going at the same time. Instead, I’m trying to focus on specific platforms and hope to develop a proper audience for each of them.

  5. Johanna

    Is anyone else just sticking around Facebook because you “have to”?! I feel really stressed keeping up with it, and just do it because everyone has one. Stressing about it is taking up way too much time, but I can’t quite bring myself to delete it, either…

    • Alex

      I completely agree!! I feel like I only have my Facebook page because I don’t want someone else to take the name. I rarely get much interaction with it. I think it almost looks better to not have the page at all than to have the page and have minimal posts or limited interaction.

    • Chelsey

      Totally! I just recently deleted my FB Page because it was more of a burden than anything. Funny thing is, it remains visible for a little while (I believe 14-30) days before it actually deletes, as I gained another like after deleting it lol. But I find that my posts don’t get enough reach to keep something I don’t necessarily want ever since their algorithms updated.

  6. Jacqueline Jax

    I have to say that google analytics is crucial to discovering what’s working for you. Without that you just don’t know. You could get great response on a certain platform yet no one visits your blog. I have seen a good response from any social media I spend time on. But I’m very visually focused using lots of pictures with personal commentary to encourage visits. I try to place different photos on different medias, that’s another way to create a good balance on multiple pages. But if blog visits is the goal I recommend going heavy on images and video media on your site and sharing pieces to social media to pull people back to you. Keeping a list of -#hashtags at your desk is always a great idea so when you share you can get some added exposure and be sure to talk about what your blog is all about often. I have even used apps like magico to make video adds for my blogs. For more fun tips, I do a live radio podcast every morning at 10a.m est come join me at http://www.avaliveradio.com and join me on twitter @jacquelinejax my blogs are http://www.jaxcouture.com http://www.blondibeach.com and http://www.jacquelinejax.com cheers! Great article.

  7. Paola Pascua

    I’m actually having a hard time to manage all my social media accounts. I love instagram but I’m not able to capture interesting snapshots a lot. I would be happy if you could recommend things we could normally share besides the usual outfit posts we do 🙂 I am starting now with twitter, I’m also having a difficult time growing a bunch there. I’m really happy this post was shared, it’s quite an interesting topic.

    Paola <3

  8. Jenny

    Laura is right about being open to evolving. As a new blogger it was very scary looking at certain social numbers, ready to turn in the towel. But diligence does pay off. I think for bloggers, Instagram is an amazing platform to expand your social circle and website content.
    This was a great post

  9. Tori

    Thanks again for including me Julia! It’s great to see what everyone else has to say. Vera is so right about Facebook, that’s why I devote such little effort to my fan page there. But you never know if another platform could change like that too. As they say, don’t put all your eggs in one basket!

    • Julia DiNardo

      Thanks so much for your awesome insights Tori; I think there are so many ways to consider managing social media accounts, and Vera’s advice found here is sound!

  10. Tiffany

    I currently get the majority of my readers from commenting on different blogs and occasionally joining up on link-up parties. Even though I have more followers on my Instagram than anywhere else, I get very little to no traffic from them, and I’m just curious to know how can you get more followers to your Instagram and Facebook accounts?

    After reading this, I’m worried that if I start a Facebook page, nobody is going to like it, even after I harass my family and friends to join the page.

    I’ll just stick to Instagram and commenting on blogs for now, since that seems to be getting the most attention.


    • Shi

      Hi Tiffany,

      I have been using a similar strategy, and really putting my focus into Instagram. I’ve never been a Twitter user and I really struggle with that platform, so it’s interesting to read the success others have had in that area. Maybe we can make it a goal to really focus on one platform we aren’t ultra-confident (such as you with facebook) and really give it a go. Perhaps use the 70-30 strategy mentioned, but maybe since we’re still building up use and 80-20 and just get it up and running?

  11. Kizzy Von Doll

    At the moment, I am enjoying instagram a bit more than some of the others & Pinterest. I go through phases of one being more interesting that the other. I didn’t really take getting my numbers up or interacting as serious as I’m starting to now, so I’m trying to use them all at least a few times a day. With all the facebook changes, it’s become a little harder to expand there as the reach isn’t great. They want people to pay for your ‘likers’ to see all your posts which isn’t the best. But, I do try. I’d like to see higher numbers in them all, so that’s my goal really.


  12. Ella Pretty Blog

    I like Vera’s advice about spreading yourself across social media rather than just depending on one platform. For me personally, I have the strongest followings on Instagram and Pinterest (over 2K) on each – and I naturally enjoy spending a lot of time daily on Instagram because it really is like micro-blogging. I don’t think it generates a lot of traffic to my blog, but I’ve been contacted for a lot of new opportunities through it – so it’s definitely worth my while (not to mention – it’s just so much fun!).


  13. Isoken

    Instagram works best for my blog (really new) and my business(es). Facebook is an automatic sync share from (I hear this is a no no but Facebook really drives me nuts! lol) Ditto Twitter. Pinterest is great and I wish I could use it more often but I shy away from the rabbithole effect – I plan to spend 15 minutes and I end up spending 3 hours!! Gogle+ seems like it has potential, especially because it isn’t a closed network but I’m not sure we have the energy (or know how) just yet.

  14. Isoken

    Instagram works best for my blog (really new) and my business(es). Facebook is an automatic sync share from (I hear this is a no no but Facebook really drives me nuts! lol) Ditto Twitter. Pinterest is great and I wish I could use it more often but I shy away from the rabbithole effect – I plan to spend 15 minutes and I end up spending 3 hours!! Gogle+ seems like it has potential, especially because it isn’t a closed network but I’m not sure we have the energy (or know how) just yet.


  15. Justine

    Social media has greatly effected the way information is spread. It think it’s safe to say that without it, most blogs would not have the audience they do. Unfortunately, I cannot seem to get the hang of it. Maybe I’m not cool enough online, haha. But, after reading this article, I think I’ll take the advice of picking one platform at a time. I think it’ll be Instagram. Instagram is a great visual tool. Next might be Twitter. I’m not sure how I feel about Google Plus. My blog has been integrated with it, and I just don’t like the logistics. But, if it might mean more content is being read, I’ll try!


  16. atuesdayinapril

    I very much enjoyed reading this. I think the biggest take away for me was recognizing that each blogger must understand which social media platform works best for their blogging needs. Trial and error will enable a blogger to best understand what works for them. It’s always great to hear the thoughts of others!


  17. Hannah

    After wanting to start up a fashion blog for ages but always putting it off, I finally bit the bullet a couple weeks ago. This article really hit the nail on the head! It’s so daunting trying to launch a blog and creating a presence on other social media platforms from scratch. At the moment I’m trying out everything a little to see what suits me and my blog as I’m just starting to find my own style.