Why You Need to Take a Break From Your Blog


I went out of town this past Labor Day weekend – it's an extended holiday for us here in the U.S. and many of us take the opportunity to skip town for one last summer hurrah before the realness of fall sets in.  It happened to be an extraordinarily busy week in work and life leading up to my vacation, and rather than stick to my editorial calendar, I decided not to post the blogs I’d planned to write. There’s a lot written here in IFB for the argument of blogging consistently and how to commit to it when you’re busy – but something had to give, and I intentionally made the choice not to blog.

It was freeing to feel like I wasn’t tied to my blog schedule for once, even though I’m the only one to keep myself on track. I made that choice and cut ties to any guilt that might come with it – and that felt good. I was able to savor the holiday weekend, keep the screen time to a minimum and come out of it with these reasons why it’s healthy to take a break from your blog – whether it’s for a few hours, a few days or even longer.

To Break the Monotony

Disruption to our normal routine is a good (read: essential) thing. Routine is awesome for keeping structure in our blogging amidst the chaos of the rest of our lives, but too much of it for too long opens the door for a not-so-healthy blogging rut. If you’re finding yourself posting the same kinds of blog posts without much enthusiasm or creativity, it might be time to step away from blogging for a bit. When you’re running on autopilot, the monotony can be like a chokehold on your energy & writing flow, making it that much easier to get distracted (or write something you’re not proud of!)

To Jumpstart Your Creativity

A break is the best possible way to get those creative ideas flowing again. Stepping away from your blog to do something else – some errands, a project or a relaxing vacation – puts you in a different mindset and environment. Those are the times when ideas or breakthroughs are likely to pop up. If you’re stuck on how to write your next sponsored post, or even if you just need some new inspiration for outfit posts, take a break and do something else!

Your Body Needs It

I’ve made a big priority out of self-care this year, and taking regular breaks from my blog (among other things in my life) have helped me come back stronger and more productive overall. I’m so hyped to see tons of studies out now debunking the myth of multitasking as a productivity help, and I’m so on board with getting more sleep. Burning the midnight oil and going all hours of the day is a necessity every once awhile, but when it’s the norm, it becomes a one-way ticket to burnout. Give your eyes, hands and brain a rest and come back refreshed and focused to produce better, higher-quality blog posts.

To Live Life!

It’s crazy to think that just a few years ago, smartphones and laptops didn’t dominate our lives the way they do now. I am just as consumed by blogging and social media as the next, and I hate to say it but I know my in-person conversation skills have deteriorated because of it. It’s so easy to pull out my phone to Instagram a photo or answer email than to just be in the moment. Take a break from being so tethered to a screen – maybe to meet a blogging mentor for lunch, or get some inspiration from Mother Nature, or a face-to-face conversation with a loved one.

Blog traffic, pageviews and social media follower numbers don’t mean anything if your body, mind and precious time living your life are suffering for it. Blog for you, and know when to take a break when you need it. If you absolutely can’t fathom breaking from your normal posting schedule, consider IFB’s recommendations for how to accept guest contributors.

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9 Responses

  1. AJ Wears Clothes

    Smartest thing I did on vacation was step away from the blog! No guest posters, no fluff content, just a solid week off and away from my computer and phone. I came back completely refreshed and with a ton of new ideas, so it was worth it. I wish more bloggers would give themselves a break!

  2. Antionette Blake

    This is so very true, especially when you have anxiety attacks thinking of the overwhelming email that will accumulate in your inbox if you take off a few days! I hope you enjoyed your time off.

  3. Tiffany

    This was a really good post, and it came at the perfect time too! I’m just about ready to take the week off from blogging since I’m getting pretty tired of blogging and commenting on posts all day just to see little results with the number of pageviews and the number of comments. It seems to me that all of my current efforts are going to waste, and the only way to fix this problem, is to go on a little break, and come back fresh as daisies next week and come up with the next great blog post! This will definitely leave some time for me to socialize and do other important things!

    The only time you shouldn’t really take a long break, is when you become famous, because then people will expect you to blog almost everyday even when you are sick or on vacation.


  4. Kizzy Von Doll

    Agree with this…I think a lot of bloggers get run down from trying to blog all the time, they get bored and to be honest I think the readers can become bored as well. When you’ve had a break, you suddenly are able to think of lots of stuff to blog about, but when you were blogging a lot, there wasn’t any room really for thinking and creativity. It’s important to take care of yourself and blog when it makes you enjoy it, not for a chore!!


  5. Bela

    Actually, I began to feel the same, trapped in my own blog and the monotony of everyday life.

    I was a while without doing anything on it and one day came a new name, which brought me inspiration and I came to be happy.

    It may take some time to get back to the same daily visitors I had, but I feel renewed and more inspiration!

    All the best!

  6. Onianwah

    The good Lord knows we all need to rest and that’s why even He rested on the 7th day. I go on sporadic breaks from my blog and I still don’t have a schedule (lol). When i lose interest I immediately switch from my blog to social media and usually that helps a lot with more ideas. I find myself missing the blog and then I go back to it. I think a healthy mix of everything keeps it all going fresh and strong.

    Lagos, Nigeria

  7. Jeannie

    This is a great article. I sometimes feel that too when it gets too routined my brain just goes blank. That’s why when i travel i try to keep it to a minimal usually by telling my readers i’ll be on vacation and to connect with me on instgram