How to Turn Your Life Changing into a Blog Success


I've been blogging for ten years. A lot of things can change in ten years…and if you're a blogger, you may live a lot of your life online, so how do you deal with those changes on your blog? Ultimately, if you're authentic and always genuine on your blog, writing for yourself, and writing about things you're passionate about, things that are meaningful, change will come naturally and your readers will follow along. You're in a unique position of being someone they can change WITH if they identify with you in the first place.

But change can be scary, and hard. Some readers don't like it; they think you should stay exactly the same as you were when they found you, never growing, never advancing, never changing. And maybe you don't want to (or shouldn't) share EVERYTHING on your blog. It can be incredibly liberating to share your struggles and life other than “fashion” on your blog though, especially if you have a supportive community.

At the end of the day, if you want to continue blogging, writing online, then you will have to bring all of you to the table. Your blog is a platform for your writing, photography, or whatever else you've chosen to focus on, and it is YOUR place online – it is your little corner of the internet.

Some changes I've dealt with on my blog:

Over the last ten years, my weight has fluctuated. I was generally a 10-12 (US) in the beginning, then got up to 14-16, but am now down to 6-8. I struggled with how much to talk about my weight and body image issues on my blog for a couple of reasons. First, I didn't want sympathy, or to seem like I was writing for comments or compliments. I wasn't. Also, I didn't want to alienate my readers who'd been with me since the beginning and maybe identified with my size to feel “left out” as I lost weight.

 I didn't want sympathy, or to seem like I was writing for comments or compliments. I wasn't.

So, I wrote about it. I talked about what I was going to do and why, and my community has remained strong. Nothing has changed, really, except my size.

I also recently decided to purge my closet and get rid of things in my wardrobe that weren't meaningful, that I didn't wear, and that I don't need. I was simply overwhelmed by everything I had acquired over the last ten years and wanted to get rid of it. And I wanted to stop shopping as much. Right. Did I forget that I'm a shopping blogger?

Again, I struggled with how to go about that, after all, I make my living on commissions from people BUYING things via my links and from my advertisers. And they tend to buy what I wear. So if I wasn't buying new things or linking to things they could buy, would I be out of a job?

As I did before, I wrote about it. I turned my journey to minimize my wardrobe into a blog series that has been amazingly successful. It has resonated deeply with my readers, and has attracted many new ones. I couldn't have asked for a better response and I'm absolutely not afraid of being out of a job. It may not look the same, but as long as I'm doing what I love and believe in, I will always be successful, whether or not there is as much of a financial reward for that.

 I turned my journey to minimize my wardrobe into a blog series that has been amazingly successful.

The bottom line is that you don't have to share everything on your blog, but if you truly want to engage with your readers, and you are writing about things you care about, then it's only natural that you should be open about your struggles and life changes you're going through. As long as you keep your writing authentic and don't just turn everything into a new way to make money, then your readers will follow along with you.

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7 Responses

  1. Hayfa

    Thank you Gretchen for the post.
    I do agree on sharing experiences on your blog. However from what I read and heard from other bloggers is that followers in general like to view happy pictures and read exciting stories which force many bloggers to create a fake image about themselves by only posting what their followers need then to post. Also, the sad reality also is that in many cases once you start blogging constantly about your struggles, people will slowly back away and accuse you sometimes of changing your style and becoming a new person. I don’t know how accurate is that from your experiences but that is what I am seeing nowadays.

    Hayfa Glam

  2. TweetY

    So helpful and so true! Putting your life on the “web” to share with your readers and followers is a hard concept. Finding a medium between not enough and over board can be a hard task within itself. I started a new blog about what I have been doing for the past 5 years. I have an extremely niche area about fashion. Finding topics is a struggle for me and as I grow the blog over the next year, I hope I discover new things about myself and my abilities too! I hate being in the “lead” position in front of the camera and prefer to let someone else be the spotlight. I am going to see how this goes by me actually taking myself out of the dark and into the light…… So to speak……

  3. Anastasia

    At times I struggle with my own writing – how to keep it authentic. Because when I have hard times I notice that I tend to hide it behind a “distanced” kind of text…..I moved half a year ago to live in another country, totally different to mine. First I planned to share it in details on the blog, how the process goes on you know…But it ended up in one single post, dedicated to my new home….Besides when you write mainly about fashion (I also write about travel) it can be difficult to find a way to describe lifestyle things on the blog.

  4. Donna

    Good thoughts! I would guess that whether readers will flow with your changes or resent them depends on your readers. It sounds like you have the good kind that can accept growth and life changes. I have been thinking about devoting more posts to deeper issues and less to beauty info. Sadly for me, the more serious ones don’t seem to get many views. I’m hoping it’s just a question of finding the right kinds of readers.