5 Quick Ways to Express Gratitude as a Blogger


Thanksgiving in the US is two months away, but don't wait until then to express gratitude to your readers – do it now, and as often as possible. It's easy!

Here are some of the best ways to say “thank you!” as a blogger:


I love to do this with things I've received from brands that I can't use or didn't ask for, but are still cool; I pass them on to my readers as a way to say “thanks.” In this case, you take on the responsibility and expense of sending the item out yourself and you're not compensated for it in any way, but you could also organize a giveaway with your favorite brand and have them take care of all that.

Respond to comments

I really do make an effort to respond to every comment (I don't get hundreds), and I think that's so important. Of course, you can make an exception for basic comments like “love that outfit” or generic comments with no content to respond to, but even in those cases, I tend to just say “thank you” in a reply comment, just to acknowledge it. More often than not, I've found that because of that, I get more engagement between readers also, not just between me and my readers.

Responding to comments on your blog lets your readers know that you appreciated the time they took to leave a comment, and that you're grateful they're there, engaging with you. After all, it takes commitment to leave a comment nowadays – not many readers do it anymore – so being grateful for the ones you do get goes a long way towards encouraging more.

Link Love

This is sort of self-serving, because it will do as much for you as it will for the bloggers you link to (karma, baby!), but sharing links is a wonderful way to really say to other bloggers “I appreciate what you've said and want to share it with my readers.” It's quite a more powerful way than just leaving a comment or sending the blogger an email.

Same goes for sharing links on social media, in your newsletters, etc., I've been the recipient of link love often in the last several months and I can't express how grateful I was for that, and how meaningful it was to receive it.

Visit your readers' blogs

A lot of our readers aren't also bloggers, but if they are, visiting their blogs and commenting on theme, or linking to them, will go a long way towards expressing your gratitude to them for visiting YOUR blog. Think about how much comments mean to you as a blogger, and know that it will mean just as much to your reader that you thought enough to engage with them in THEIR space, not only in yours.

Say Thank You

Duh. But still, take a moment every once in a while to truly thank your readers for visiting – all of your readers, not just the ones who comment.

How do you express gratitude as a blogger?

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15 Responses

  1. Hannah Josephine

    Such great ideas! I’ve been making an effort to visit my readers blogs and new blogs to show my appreciation as well. And like you said, the interaction is positive for everyone. We’re all in this together and can use all the love we can get!


  2. Zuma

    Thank you Grechen. It is important to thank the readers. Sometimes we are so concentrated on who is not reading as opposed to who is!

  3. Jennifer

    I only get a handful of comments each week but it took Two Years of blogging religiously before I got any comments at all. So you can bet that I send a thoughtful response back to each commenter, even those who may have disagreed with something I posted.

    The giveaway is a good idea. I just did my first one and I think I’ll probably do another closer to Thanksgiving to say “Thanks.”

  4. Ladymakeup

    Really good advices!!! I have already practiced some of them but it is only 3 weeks that I have started my blog so there is a lot to do yet. Thanks so much!!! Keep going!!

  5. Sarah

    Sometimes we forget the most basic things in life, like expressing gratitude. A simple thanks – responding to a comment may go a long way. Thank you for sharing! And the giveaway Idea was great!

  6. Jessica

    I just started blogging and the first few times that I got a comment, I was so excited. I reply to every (thoughtful) comment because I really appreciate that they take to time to leave a message. But these tips are still very useful. Thank you!

  7. Julie

    This is a great list! I make an effort to respond to comments and return those comments on the visitor’s blog. I find it is such a great way to keep the relationship going between bloggers and readers.