Do Fashion Bloggers Belong on Ello?


When I heard about Ello, the much hyped, clean designed, ad-free “Facebook killer,” I just HAD to be on it. Harassing anyone who had invites, behaving like a second grader when the teacher asks, “Who wants candy?” ME! ME! ME!!! PICK ME!!!

You see, I've learned my lesson talking down social networks in the beginning. I poo-pooed Pinterest until 2013 when I got pregnant and needed to put together a room for my baby.

Ello, is an ad-free social network founded by a group of artists who wanted to create a private social network. ย On their about page, they tell the story of how they became so popular as a private network, they created a public version. Which, if you've been following the news, has also become so popular that it's attracted a hacker attack within the first week of it's launch.

So I joined Ello as soon as possible. Talk about #FOMO!

Screen Shot 2014-09-29 at 10.43.00 AM


Anyway, as soon as I set up my profile. Found out they beautifully display animated GIFs. And then I sat there. Frozen at the keyboard.

How do I make this different from every other social network out there?

  • =Twitter is for my goofy random thoughts.
  • Facebook is for my more personal rantings.
  • Pinterest is for post research and my notebook for trying to make my life look meaningful.
  • Instagram is to take photos, and prove stuff really happened.

The reality is, any brand wether it's Coca-cola or your Grandma's cookie blog, needs to be where their audience is. If your readers are flocking to Ello, then you need to be there too.ย I realized that as a blogger, 99% of my social media activity has to do with building my blogs. At this point, blatant self-promotion does not fit well in Ello's community the way it does on Twitter or Facebook. Bloggers cannot ignore the masses that are jumping onto the network, so it's certainly worth making a presence there to learn the quirks ย and the culture of the network.

At this point, blatant self-promotion does not fit well in Ello's community the way it does on Twitter or Facebook.

How do you promote yourself on Ello? The same way you would on all social platforms, minimally. Experiment with content. Spend time there and observe what's successful and what resonates with you. Experiment more. This may not be one of those networks that has a clear (promotional) benefit from the beginning, but it's refreshing to get back to a social media that is more personal, more real. We all need it.

Are you on Ello? What have you learned?


For more info on Ello… Meigan O'Toole did a great analysis on it here.


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19 Responses

  1. Joana ID

    I was super excited about Ello too, when I first heard of it. I got my invite, built my profile. Now what? None of my friends are there, nor do people I want to follow. Should we wait for it to get mainstream to start enjoying it? I don’t think that’s the purpose, so I’m not sure if I’ll be active there.

    Here’s my link, just in case:

  2. Sabina @Oceanblue Style

    Well thanks for sharing the information. Never heard of it before. Thats why I keep visiting here regularly, for the latest reports. I need to manage my social media and balance, thats why I am not on inst. But feel FB, twitter and pinterest are doing the trick for me and readers get my latest updates. Sabina @Oceanblue Style

  3. Zoe

    I’ve just requested in an invite. I know you aren’t allowed to advertise stuff but are you allowed to put on stuff thats on your blog? Im just trying to work out what I would actually put on there…!