The Blogger Network That Won’t Treat You Like a Number


There are lots of blogger influencer networks out there, and you've likely been approached by at least one or two. For me, it's always a little demoralizing, because they seem to determine your value based specifically on the number of followers you have, or how much traffic you generate. Some even pay you specifically according to pageviews or unique user counts. Alas, I do not have the most popular blog on the block, nor do I have an Instagram feed that has gone gangbusters (yet!).

If you've ever felt similarly discouraged, Collectively is a refreshing new blogger community that you need to join ASAP. Their approach to fostering partnerships between brands and bloggers is so unique that they've come up with a new name for it: collaborative marketing.

Like many other organizations, they ask bloggers for stats, including traffic and followers on social networks. The difference is, they're not just looking for the highest numbers. They want the best match for their client, whether that means an Instagram user with super engaged followers even if there are only 500 of them, or a blogger who has specific appeal with midwestern moms. A Facebook sensation with a million likes might also be a fit, it all depends on the brand and the project—they tailor each opportunity to suit the client specifically. In other words, they promote real collaboration.

They want the best match for their client, whether that means an Instagram user with super engaged followers even if there are only 500 of them…

Collectively founders Ryan Stern and Alexa Tonner have both done time at Glam Media (now Mode), Federated Media, and FoodBuzz, so they've seen a lot of blogger-brand relationships done well, and likely plenty they thought could be improved. They founded Collectively just a little over a year ago, putting to work what they call “a sixth sense for bringing brands and collaborators together authentically.”

Brands they've worked with include Jessica Alba's The Honest Company, Jawbone, Serena and Lily, Makr app, Gap, Got Milk? and more. The collaborations can consist of blog posts, live events, Instagram and other social media campaigns, or a combination thereof. You don't even have to be a blogger—any social media user could be a candidate for a collab. I worked with Collectively on a project with Serena and Lily that included an in-store event, plus some blog posts and Instagram photos. The compensation was fair, and the event was extra fun because I co-hosted with three other bloggers. Not only did that make it fun socially, but there was also plenty of crossover with followers and likes on our various social media channels.

So, if you're new to blogging or feeling a bit sheepish about your follower numbers, fear not. You may be the perfect fit for Collectively's next campaign. Sign up here.

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  1. Jacky Auerbach

    Love this idea. I’m joining right now. I love collaborating with brands and I really need to collaborate more. I just need a more substantial idea! I like bringing new things and I think it’d be great. I love that they don’t just look at numbers! I bring really creative ideas they’re not given a chance from numbers.

  2. Onianwah

    This sounds really nice.
    Would love to know if they have Africa/Nigeria within their sights even though it would be cool to collaborate with brands outside this region.
    Will check it out.

    Lagos, Nigeria

  3. Mallory Brown

    This looks like a fantastic network! Joining!

  4. ALBJ

    Thank you for sharing! As a newly launched blog, this was really inspiring and a great place to hopefully connect. Sounds great!