Three Native American Sites Fashion Bloggers Need to Know About


(Lisa Charleyboy, founder of Urban Native Magazine)

Happy Indigenous People's Day!

Instead of Columbus Day, Seattle and Minneapolis are celebrating Indigenous People's Day as a way of recognizing the cultural contributions of the people who were already living in America when Columbus “discovered” it.

What's this have to do with fashion blogging? Well, the fashion industry has long ignored the implications appropriating indigenous cultures in runway collections. Designers such as Isabel Marant, Proenza Schouler and retailers like Urban Outfitters are among the high-profile appropriators in the industry. Earlier this year, Pharrell caught heat for wearing a headdress, even though he claimed to be “part Native American.” The Washington Redskins Name Controversy is coming to a head this year (since you know, “redskins” is a racially charged word.)

The thing is, even though controversies keep coming up, hipsters still wear headdresses. Isabel Marant keeps using Navajo motifs in her collections (does anyone know if she collaborates with Navajo designers?) There is a right way and a wrong way to incorporate Native American design in your outfits, and you might mean well, but you could be offending people.

While not all Native Americans who blog, necessarily blog about being Native American (I am a member of the Squaxin Island tribe), there are a few blogs that address issues in popular culture and design surrounding the community.  Personally, I find (all) cultural writing fascinating, and these three websites continue to articulate how Native Americans are portrayed today.

Native Appropriations

Screen Shot 2014-10-13 at 10.30.40 AM

This four-year-old blog written by Dr. Adrienne Keene examines current events as they pertain to Native Americans. Subjects such as headdress wearing, the Redskins, Native Americans in film, and even scrutinization over skin color. This blog is a great way to delve into visual cultural theory from the Native perspective.

Urban Native Magazine

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If you're thinking Native Americans are just hanging around frozen in time wearing head dressed and living in teepees… think again. Co-founded by Lisa Charleyboy, based in Toronto, Urban Native Magazine is a site dedicated to “Pop-Culture with an Indigenous Twist” the site features fashion designers, entertainers, artists and entrepreneurs.

Beyond Buckskin

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Beyond Buckskin is a fashion blog and boutique featuring Native American designers. Dr. Jessica Metcalfe founded the site in 2009, and boutique in 2012 after her readers kept asking “where can I buy that?” She also gives tips on the right way to appropriate Native designs in your wardrobe and shares the latest designers to know about. The shop is also pretty great.

Do you read Native American fashion blogs? Are you a Native American blogger? Do share!

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5 Responses

  1. Kristen

    I’m sorry but it sounds stupid to me that people get offended by others wearing feathers and turquoise jewelry. It’s not being done disrespectfully, it’s a form of flattery. It’s not like designers are using these designs and trying to claim that they invented them. Everyone knows where they come from. Using racial slurs is a different story but it’s so obnoxious that people actually take offense to this sort of thing.

    • Isla

      Wow Kristen! You sound so insightful, kind and respectful of other people. You’re a real gem! It’s so obvious that your read and comprehended these websites and the provides links. Two gold stars for you!

  2. Isla

    Wow Kristen! You sound like such a kind, wonderful person fully capable of respecting other people’s cultural identities! I’m sure you actually read these websites and links and fully comprehend them. It so evident by your intelligent response! Two gold stars for you!!