Casting a Wider Net: Why Your Blog Needs to Be On Practically Every Network


There are many ways that you can engage with brands, fellow bloggers, and readers, which can generate growth for both new and experienced bloggers.

Sites like Bloglovin, Fohrcard, Chictopia,, PopSugar Select, the Vogue Influence Network, ShopSense, and social bookmarking sites like Digg, Reddit, and StumbleUpon all have features beneficial to bloggers. There are many more; I'm sure that I'm forgetting or don't know about, but these provide good examples for additional places you can join to spread the word about your blog.

Some of these require an invitation in order to be able to join. Others may not be a good fit for your blog. Either way, it's important to make yourself aware of your options.

Here are a few more reasons to join or at least check them out:


Build a Community

I know it may sound a little corny, but you can truly make some online, or in-real-life friends through these communities! Some of them provide an opportunity to attend events in your city. Perfect for meeting other bloggers. Some provide opportunities to participate in blogger campaigns.


Build Traffic

Cast a wider net. It just makes sense that the more places your readers can find your site, the higher your chances of garnering traffic. I set a reminder in my calendar every other week to check out these sites and engage or deposit content on them. You may end up getting a healthy stream of unique viewers from these communities, which is a great way to get traffic that may convert to constant followers of your site.


Build Revenue

You may be able to earn some money by joining communities networks. Look at other bloggers in these networks for inspiration on how they are building their brands. Observe the kind of brands or companies they work with, and perhaps begin to align your site in a way that can give it a competitive edge when it comes to making a living off of your blog.


Build on Ideas for Content

I have a private Pinterest board, dubbed “Blog Inspo,” where I keep my research and ideas found on the web. Since everyone shares their content in networks, it's the perfect place to look for potential post ideas.

What other blogger networks/communities/resources/general sites would you recommend for new bloggers to check out?


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27 Responses

  1. Zunera Serena

    While I completely agree. I think one thing to keep in mind is SEO. I noticed that when I was publishing my posts on other networks the search would pick up on my post on that network rather then linking to my blog same issue can happen with even single posts on Chictopia & other networks. If the goal is publicize then it’s great. My blog has almost 100K followers so I do focus more on publicizing but if the idea is to drive traffic then it can definitely be challenging.

    • TlvBirdie

      The tip is to avoid duplicate content, that is the reason why search crawlers will find the same article on the other site with the higher ranking. Also, it is the reason why PopSugar (for instance) require unique content from bloggers.


      • Raivyn dK

        Exactly. Change up your text if you’re going to post it on these other sites.

    • julia

      Ah yes, great point! p.s.- I just took a look at your site, and it looks like there may be some code in there gone awry; the top portion of the site came up broken for me. Thanks again! Julia

  2. Denina Martin

    I absolutely agree that bloggers should try to be on different platforms, but only as long as it fits their aims and USP. Thanks for sharing those websites – I was not aware of some of them. Very useful!

  3. Negina

    Nice read! To widen your options a little more… Check out We’ve got good and growing traffic (really investing in SEO and Pinterest) and will help you optimize the monetization of your blog through our proprietary algorithm that distributes leads among affiliate networks in the most profitable way. If you want to join or have any questions, feel free to drop me a line at [email protected]! Negina, Co-founder

  4. Raivyn dK

    It’s true- you need to be EVERYWHERE. I admit I’m not on all these crazy fashion social sites [I stick to Chictopia mostly], but I should at least have accounts I update regularly… Good tips!

  5. Katherine

    Intagram is my go-to platform also. However, I’ve just signed up to “Medium”. I haven’t posted anything yet because I’m still getting a feel for it.
    So far, I like it. The content is well edited and organised.

  6. Jewel Divas Style

    However, there is one thing not mentioned, and that is the more websites you are across and on, the more you have to manage and deal with, the more tired you become, the more you hate social media, the more you want to just chuck it all in and get rid of all of it.

    I’ve been across so many websites, but as they change I realise I don’t want to be across them any more, like MySpace, Digg, Delicious and Technorati have all changed in the last few years. I’m no longer interested when websites change and I have to do my profile page all over, or update my details every time they change. So every year I see what’s working for me and what isn’t and I get rid of what isn’t.

    To be across so many is tiring and believe me, you get really sick of it within a year or two and wish you weren’t on social media any more.

  7. Onianwah

    Everywhere I go I always get the comment “you are everywhere”. I for one, think it is a good thing. Considering I am stuck in an office for more than 80% of my life, I think it is nice for people to think I am out and about. That keeps my name and my brand top of mind thus making them think of me first in everything.

    I must say though that sometimes it can wear one thin trying to be on almost every social network but it does pay. After a while you recognise which ones you should focus on and which ones you can forget about and once you create a routine, the rest works like clockwork.

    Lagos, Nigeria

  8. Ina Nuvo

    I´m currently struggling with the traffic part… anyone have ideas on how to engage more users?
    I´m posting 3-4 times a week, I have good follower numbers, but the traffic somehow lags behind…
    Ina Nuvo from Vienna

  9. Brittany Ann

    Doing a quality job on half the social media sites is far better than doing a lousy job on all of them. Perhaps to my detriment, but I fear having a poor/weak presence more than not having one at all.

    If by luck something goes viral, it’s hard to beat Pinterest for views – but without a generous following, promoting your own pins is slow, slow work. I enjoy Instagram and the couple likes per image is uplifting, but haven’t made any solid connections yet. Facebook is no fun and I’ve been putting it off forever. I try to convince myself if I work hard on other platform it can be avoided…

    I’d say as a beginner, get a solid footing on 2-3 platforms (and figure out your posting schedule) before tackling everything else. Spreading out too thin before you reap any sort of benefit can cause major frustration and tiredness.


  10. Belinda

    I’m really only on Pinterest and Instagram, and Facebook. Mainly the first two, although perhaps I should use Twitter, too. I agree with the above comments of how tiring it must be to be all over everything, all the time. Since I write about workwear / office outfits, I think the visual aspect of Pinterest and Instagram suit me best. However, if my target audience is elsewhere, then I need to go where they are, too.

  11. Eva

    Great post! But what about Tumblr? When I was starting I have spent so much time to figure out what would work better for me – Tumblr, Blogger or WordPress. I stopped on the first one.
    It truly is made for images more, but it has a community to promote your thoughts to, and this is what I am doing – finding a relatively new topic to discuss and start a discussion, illustrating it with recent campaigns or style of my own.
    The sources you have mentioned are great, I’m going to check them out!
    My blog is: