How to Schedule Your Pins (Plus 3 More Ways to Grow Your Blog with Pinterest)

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By Susan Wenner Jackson

You know Pinterest can be a huge asset for fashion bloggers. Considered the “reigning queen of social referrals,” Pinterest traffic eclipses all other social networks besides Facebook.

Are you tapping into this visual discovery platform’s full potential?

Without a massive following or plan in place, Pinterest might seem overwhelming. Here are four simple ways to make Pinterest work harder (and smarter) for you:

  • Optimize and schedule pins so you reach potential readers right when they’re looking for content like yours. By creating and scheduling in batches, you’ll save time and maximize efforts.
  • Adapt to the new PinterestSmart Feed<,” which has changed the way users see pins in their feed. Ways to win include: sharing high-quality content; using words to make pins more discoverable; and making it easier for readers to pin your content organically from your site.
  • Be responsive to Pinterest traffic. When Pinterest users click over to your site, make sure you capture them as loyal readers and followers.
  • Monetize pageviews from Pinterest. As your traffic grows, set up your site to earn revenue.

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10 Responses

  1. Tiff

    Interesting. I have Pinterest, but I find most of the traffic that comes my way through referrals come from other sources. Will look into these tips when I decide to devote more time to the network. Thanks for the tips!

    Tiff | AMtoPM

  2. Brittney Mason

    Pinterest is always the highest among my social media referrals. I think scheduling out pins will be something I can look into doing next!


  3. Emily Chavous

    I’m curious how you guys use Pinterest to your advantage. Do you search the web for new content to pin & share, or do you re-pin? I find myself re-pinning 90% of the time, and wonder if that is with or against the norm. And where do you get your followers? Are they organically finding you on Pinterest or are they blog followers that stumble across your boards through blog promotion? Do you comment on random pins? I’ve plateaued at about 170 followers. Scheduling pins sounds odd to me, but perhaps it would be favorable.