5 Reasons Why Doing Everything Wrong Is So Right For Your Blog


I have done everything the wrong way my whole life. I didn't do any homework in high school and didn't go to college (right away). I got married and divorced by the time I was 30. Started a business with no business plan or experience, or education, or basic understandings of economics. Two of my careers I started with no real experience or expertise. Everything in my life was done the hard way. Mostly because I'm thick. But also because I like to take the long road most of the time.

What I've learned from all that meandering through life was that things can still turn out alright even if you fuck up royally. Even if you mess up, do everything wrong, the difficult way can often lead to some pretty amazing experiences. Here are 5 reasons why if I had the chance to do it all again, I'd make every single mistake. Every single one.

Learn. Learn. Learn.

The only “mistake” anyone can really make is not learning from mistakes. This old cliche is the truest thing in the book. The truth is, that most people don't know what the heck they are doing. Some get paralyzed by the fear of making mistakes, then they stick to what they know and never learn anything new. That's the worst thing ever. The kiss of death, especially in an industry that constantly craves new things.

Gain REAL Experience

If you're doing everything wrong, there is one thing you're doing right: building experience. Even if nothing goes according to plan, you'll know from experience why things didn't work out. This can only add to your arsenal of potential solutions, even if it is by process of elimination.

Create Opportunities By Doing Things Differently

If you're going down an unknown path, chances are you might gain unique insight in your specific niche. Having a unique perspective backed by real experience can only create opportunities, because no one wants the same shit they can find on their own by searching Google. Seriously.

Forge New Ways of Blogging

By doing everything wrong, and failing miserably, given you don't give up, chances are you'll eventually come up with an idea to do something entirely new. It may be a specific niche for your blog, or an developing an interesting voice that can't be found anywhere else. Or maybe even you'll discover something new that will transform the industry. The sky is the limit, but only by taking the chance of doing everything wrong.

Lose the Fear of Failing

The biggest thing I learned by doing everything wrong, and surviving, was that I realized that everything can be fixed. Nothing is forever. And it really doesn't matter if you fail, as long as you keep trying. Eventually something will work out, and often times that thing that works will be a million times better that that thing that you wanted to work but it totally failed. By gaining experience in seeing the other side of failure, you'll realize that it's not so bad. So what the hell, why not give it a shot?

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12 Responses

  1. Zuma

    This is very true, Jennine! We often jump into things, whether it’s a marriage or own business adventure, without calculating and planning. But it does not mean it is not the way to success – we do it with passion, and without fear. A few years back I wrote and published darling personalized children’s books. If I planned or knew in advance how hard the road to success would be, I would never do it! But I am so glad I did – luckily, after all the work and tons of mistakes, so many of my books finally found their place in little hands! This would never happen if I knew how difficult it is to get a great idea all the way to kids rooms. If I did not succeed, I promise, I would never regret doing it anyways! It’s the journey that counts. xx

  2. Raivyn dK

    I’m really digging this article- In gaining experience doing a number of things [hits and misses], we learn what’s best for US, because really, there is no one way to achieve what you want, and no one is the same. And when you stick with it, you gain a tougher skin over time, become a stronger person who, ideally, becomes more in touch with her/himself..


  3. Ala H

    It’s important to stay true to yourself and learn. You are only you in this world, everyone else is taken.

  4. Brittany Ann

    “The truth us, most people don’t know what the heck they’re doing.”
    The blogs I follow have already found their groove and make me feel inferior, until remembering the work-in-progress years they all underwent to reach their current point. You’ll never find your blogging voice if you leave it in your head from fear of screwing up.
    If you like any “pro” bloggers it can be fun to search their archives and see the humble beginnings. It helps me see I’ve accomplished a lot in two months, and I’m excited to see where I’ll be in a year.


  5. Jessica

    I can’t tell you enough how much I love your frankness in this post. It’s very reassuring and invigorating to hear your words about moving forward – fearlessly – in the attempt to accomplish your dreams. LOVE it.

  6. Raissa

    Thank you so much for writing this! I wasn’t expecting to be so inspired when I checked the site this morning. I decided to take a break from school about a year ago and I’m still trying not to feel guilty about it. But you’re absolutely right, gaining experience is very important in building a career. I’m thinking about starting a consignment shop on my blog with no business experience…I suspect the only way to learn is to jump right into it although I am a tad nervous.

    Raissa | http://theleatherfannypack.com

  7. Sabina @Oceanblue Style

    Its so reassuring and I totally agree with Brittany here. And thank you for this post as well as her for the tipp to check the archives. Never occured to me but staying motivated when your means are limited and your ideas overwhelming and the passion for blogging isnt easy. But havent reached the end of my 1st year yet and already 50.000 views. so wondering where its gonna go. Sabina Oceanblue Style

  8. Jenny Toth

    Thank you so much for this post. I feel like I have done so many moronic things in my first few months of blogging but they have been the “uh-huh” moments I needed to really learn and understand what this whole blogging thing is about. I know I’ll make mistakes and it will be a learning experience. Yet, as a first time blogger we tend to compare ourselves to our favorite blogs, which can be frustrating. Thanks for the reassurance that I’m doing okay.
    Jenny T

  9. Melody

    Learning things the hard way also makes you more understanding of others. I’m never quick to judge someone else for being “green” or making mistakes. Instead I can empathize and be a great voice of reason since I’ve been there.