Why Should Anyone Read your Blog Anyway?


We all read blogs for different reasons; some of us want to escape, and enjoy mindless wandering, and others of us want to explore issues and be a part of a community. Where do you as a blogger fit in? Why should anyone read your blog anyway?

For entertainment

Many people read blogs that are funny, easy to read, post consistently, and always provide a good escape from every day life. Oftentimes these bloggers don't write a lot, but what they do write is meaningful, and to the point.

Overall, a reader knows they can get in and get out quickly, without having to go too deep; this type of blog is mostly a diversion. Over the years it's been said that this is the main reason people read ANYTHING online. I generally disagree, although there must be a sense of entertainment somewhere in every blog, to hold a reader's attention.

For inspiration

On the flip side of entertainment, many readers read blogs to find inspiration – they want to go deep. Maybe they're interested in trying something new with their style, working on their wardrobe, or dealing with a personal issue. In this case they seek out blogs that provide advice, and inspiration for everyday life; a way to make it easier and/or more enjoyable.

For community

The same reason many of us start blogs is a reason a lot of people read them : community. We start blogs to share our passion, and we hope that others who have the same interests will find us and we can start to build a community together. Readers flock to blogs in a niche that interests them to commiserate and discuss their passion with others.

To fantasize

These are “aspirational” blogs, similar to Vogue being an aspirational magazine; you wouldn't necessarily be able to buy anything in the magazine or on the blog, but you enjoy fantasizing and dreaming of a life when you might be able to. Or, you just love to look at beautiful things.

I would argue that most of the very popular fashion blogs today are aspirational; they post beautiful, well-composed (sometimes staged, let's be honest) pictures of high-fashion, and feature designer luxury brands probably few of their readers can afford. Which doesn't matter, really, because their readers are there to get lost in another world.

As a resource

If you're a shopping blogger, you probably have a lot of readers who consider you a resource for their favorite brands, or for where to shop online. Maybe they come to you first before they buy something, to see if you've reviewed it, or they respect your opinion and trust your advice on all things shopping/fashion related.

Why do you think your readers read your blog? Why do you read blogs?

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15 Responses

  1. Ina Nuvo

    I think the article just covers a small amount of reasons why to read a blog. There are as many reasons as there are people, and as a blogger I´m happy to have everyone read for whatever reasons they like 🙂

    The reason why I read blogs is to fantasize, especially with photography or travel blogs 🙂

    ina, xxx

  2. Brittany Ann

    I read blogs that are a combination of inspirational/aspirational. Shopping blogs (or heavily Polyvore-d ones) aren’t really my thing . When a blogger wears something intriguing, I just add it to my radar – it’s rare I see an item on a blogger and want to purchase the same exact one. I like the thrill of the hunt.

    Style bloggers get a lot of flack for the overly staged photos (fake walking, looking solemnly into the distance, etc) but in my opinion these are 100% preferable to a smartphone snap in a mirror. It might not be high fashion, but it’s more fun than the alternative.


  3. Jessica

    I found my mind jumping around from Inspiration to Resource. When we started Plum + Trinket, we wanted to create a haven for people to be “inspired in their everydaily lives,” the defining pursuit that inspired us to create our online magazine in the first place. It’s so helpful to even say these defining words out loud, because it affirms my belief that we are on the right track and inspires me to bring more goals and ideas into the future prospects of the very purpose we set out to do. I LOVE YOUR BLOG, GRECHEN.

  4. TlvBirdie

    My aim is to get to the point when people searching for all of these can find it at one place but with a very personal perspective, mine. I start to think, that niche might be not a “subject”, but a way of interpretation. I think that’s my case. And people who love it, they stick to the blog and return.

    Blogging tips – here they are.
    Community engagement – welcome!
    Styling tips and product advices – for sure!
    Daily life inspiration – I hope my life is good enough for that!


  5. Sheela Goh

    I’m particularly fond of bloggers who allow glimpses into their “real” lives, to know who they are and not just which brands they favour. Who, when they do the occasional OOTD, accompany it with a 2-3 para (non fluff) story to rationalise their ensemble, and not merely a list of where to buy. I enjoy posts that are actual talking points; compelling me to ponder and measure my opinion. The blogs which I’ve been reading for years are those who put their personal stamp on every post. While they may write on varying topics, all these bloggers write from the heart, drawing from experience. I like to think that’s where I’m headed with my own blog and that hopefully, given time and consistency, it too will attract a loyal following of its own.

  6. MystikLove808

    Thank you so much for this helpful insight. I was directed to your site through a fellow blogger. I am fairly new to the venture of blogging. I started a blog on wordpress and must confess that the process is indeed addicting. About two-three days in the mix, a lot of trial and error, a lot of reading.
    Thanks again for these pointers.
    Aloha 🙂

  7. Katherine

    I’m hoping people read my blog for an intelligent view on fashion. My perspective is that of a lawyer and mother. I love words as much as clothes 🙂

    • Sheela Goh

      And it shows 🙂 you have such a quirky feminine style. I enjoyed reading your posts particularly the one about The Birdcage. More than 5 minutes of fame, I’d reckon!!

  8. Mia Sønderskov

    I mainly read blogs for inspiration and/or because I can relate to the blogger. For me, a blog gets so much more interesting, if the blogger wants to share both the ups and downs with his/her readers.

  9. Gracious Store

    I like to read blogs for new ideas as to expand my horizon. I like to see other people’s point of view and learn from them and hopefully reinforce what I already know or correct some misgivings I might have about some issues.

  10. Kierra

    I definetly read for inspiration and as a resource. So many of my amazing outfits and makeup concepts come from blogs!