Fuck Man, I Have Writer’s Block


Yes, I had to swear in the post title. I'm very sorry to those who don't like cursing.

So there, I've said it. I have writer's block. I've been writing for a long time, well, almost eight years of continuous blogging and it seems I've hit a wall. Sure, I could repackage the same old, same old thing that I've written a hundred times over, but wouldn't it just be lip service?

I could talk about what's really going on. I'm going through an existential crisis of sorts. What is the point of all this? “This” meaning blogging about what I like to wear. Blogging about blogging. Sharing my thoughts about whatever. I've been going to therapy about my depression and anger issues, and found recently at the bottom of all my discomfort is this sense of pointlessness.

But really, “pointlessness” doesn't really make for good fodder when it comes to blogging about fashion. If I'm as clueless as everyone else, then why come here to my blog and read about my confusion and general know-nothingness?

I could just carry on as if I don't have writer's block. Free write, as I am now. Whatever is coming to my mind. Type it out. Publish. Leave it up to everyone to make of it as they will.

I could take a break. But this is my job. My career. How many people can just not show up to work and say… “Oh, I just wasn't feeling it, so I am going to go get a pedicure today instead.”

So yeah, I'm just throwing this out there. I've been blogging here for years, and maybe you know me, maybe you don't. But I thought it was time to get real about what I'm feeling lately about blogging about blogging and then blogging about it.

What do you do when you hit a wall? Do you get real about it, or just try to plow through?



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  1. Anna

    Well I never had writer’s blog, because I actually run a lifestyle blog and when I don’t talk about fashion (which has become a rarity actually as I don’t have someone to shoot my outfits) I blog about travel…and believe me I have a lot of things to talk about when travelling is concerned.

  2. Accidental Icon

    As a new blogger I am suffering not so much from writer’s block but rather fear of writer’s block. I love swearing, do it often myself , but the fear bubbled up with your stark admission. Writer’s block is always put out there as the biggest crisis a writer of anything can have and gets a lot of hype (we had counseling and workshops about it when I was writing my dissertation). It’s almost like writers are expected to get it. I think putting your feelings out there is really important because in a weird way it makes them less intense than when they stay inside. Throughout life I have had the most excruciating blocks and periods of immobilization before I do my most creative work. After signing a book contract I had the most intense case of writer’s block and sheer panic. After not being able to tolerate my own misery for a day longer I invited a partner to write my book with me. Every week we met at various coffee shops, bakeries and pie shops in Brooklyn, opened up google docs, had a conversation and just typed what we were talking about. We gained 10 lbs. but wrote a pretty decent book, better than I would have written alone if I forced it. We got some really great reviews and actually had fun writing! Sharing with others always results in something so good for you for doing so.
    Accidental Icon

  3. Brittany Ann

    My writer’s block comes from a place of too many ideas trying to funnel into a single entry. I fear getting too specific and losing an audience, or being too broad and writing something generic/boring. What really needs to happen is just forgetting the audience (to a point) and writing in an organic way. Write like you would in a journal, then censor out the TMI portions if needed.

    I enjoy style blogs that add a few paragraphs about the outfit, tying in anecdotes, opinions, style philosophy, and pondering about the arts. There doesn’t have to be some groundbreaking point made- just let me see the thoughts of a real person. If it resonates, I’ll stick around. It you always look to write some hot, fresh, super-click-bait post, the topics will run dry a lot faster than just using your own voice to create a dialogue.

    I too battle with the breed of existential depression mentioned – everything seeming pointless – and writing is one of the ways that helps me combat this.


  4. Brittney @ Quirky Britches

    This post REALLY speaks to me, as I’ve been feeling the same way for the past few months. My solution has been to just sort of write about whatever I want lately. Outfit posts have taken a back seat, and I’ve just been sort of bouncing around different topics and trying things out. I’ve come to learn that I sort of miss outfit posts, so I’ve decided to do only 2 a week, and then the other 3 days will be whatever I want. Balance is key. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  5. Lillian

    I hit writers block quite often – I generally manage by taking a break. Which I have the luxury of doing since my blog is not too well known. Other than that I often opt for straight-out personal style posts or FAQ posts when I’m not feeling inspired. There’s something about monotony that can get you out of a rut. I think that’s one of the positives of having a personal style blog or component, because I’ve always got an outfit to share; it’s just the effort of taking and editing photos that’s the leg work.

    – Lillian

  6. Ann Krembs

    Oh gosh Jenine, I appreciate you for so many reasons!

    First, you are so honest. So raw. Thank you for sharing.

    Second, I love this blog. I learn from it daily, and this blog makes my blog better. So, there’s that.

    Third, well, I just feel for you that you are going through all this.

    Hmm, what do I do when I’m stuck. This is probably going to sound so simple, but I go for a walk. I drop everything and just go out and let my mind wander. It usually helps to sort me out. In the meantime, as my mind is watching my surroundings and thinking things through, I somehow find some posts. They’ll just kind of come to me. The little walk helps to set my mind free, let the creative juices in, and eliminate the production stress. Maybe you’re already doing something as easy as this.

    At any rate, I feel for you, I appreciate you, and I hope you recover from the block soon.


    Ann of Kremb de la Kremb

  7. Brenda Spiller

    Oh man, I totally get what you’re feeling. Writers block or the fear of it is my constant companion – which is why I’ve mucked around for about a year with a few blogs and never been able to stick at any of them. *sigh
    I would not worry about using the F word either. One of my fave bloggers cusses all the time and she’s hugely popular.
    Hope you feel better soon 🙂

  8. Anita (Life.Style.Fun.)

    Hello, Jennine!

    1st: You are awesome! Thanks for being honest!

    2nd:I was totally fucking nihilistic yesterday. Everything seemed pointless to me. I even went for a walk and came back still feeling like a crap, which doesn’t happen often. I totally felt like I have no control over my life and like my contribution to the world is pointless. I suffer from this feelings quite often, especially when I don’t have any money. Now, what’s the best thing to do when you feel like this?

    Take a day off! I haven’t done anything for my biz yesterday. Okay, few pinterest pins, but that was it. I cried a lot. Went for a mineral water to cafe with myself (I’m too broke at the time to even afford a coffee). I did lots of fasterEFT. I read books. I watched New girl. Talked with my boyfriend. Smoked lots of tobacco. I felt guilty because I’m not doing the work for my biz. Said “fuck this shit” to guilty feelings often.

    I started feeling much better. By the time I went to sleep I decided to proclaim Monday for #myday. I couldn’t fall asleep until I jotted down all my ideas, because I felt so fucking fantastic! No nihilism left.

    And today I’m feeling fantastic whole day already and I have tons of ideas for new blog posts.

    To draw a line: Take care of your inner child!

    Good luck!

  9. Robin Taney


    Your post struck a chord with me as I have been going through the same thing. I wouldn’t call it writer’s block, though; it’s more like bored block. As the owner of a PR biz for entrepreneurs, I was getting so bored with “how to write a press release”, “how to pitch to the media” and nine million other topics that everyone else seems to be writing about.

    But, you have proven that some of our greatest ideas come from not knowing what to write about. What that does is something far greater than just giving people more stuff to read. It gives us a chance to learn that we are not alone and have a conversation with others to brainstorm solutions.

    That is the foundation for making great things happen.

    Thank you for your willingness to be transparent.


  10. amanda

    I’ve hit a wall as well but what I’ve done is just blogged when I have the time. I’ve got projects up the wazoo but only tackle them one bit at a time. If that means I blog three days in a row then have it quiet on the front for the next two weeks, so be it. But at this point I’m still only blogger for the hell of it, not for profit.

  11. Mallory Brown

    Well, I don’t write blog about blogging, but I DO know what it’s like trying to get through an existential crisis while maintaining a blog. Writer’s block is one of those things that you can’t really avoid in times like these. I just kind of bullshit my posts until I’m able to write and focus on producing amazing content in the time I have between each wave of writer’s block.