It’s All About You: How to Ignore the Noise


Just when I feel hopeful that I'm going to have a productive blogging day, catching up on all of those pending ideas and posts that I haven't gotten around to reading, I decide to take a quick gander first at Facebook, then Twitter, then Pinterest, then Instagram, then Bloglovin, and before I know it, the day has completely slipped away. “Why, why do I this to myself?!?!” I acknowledge this misstep, yet fall into the pattern, day after day. In fact, while I'm writing this, I've already checked Instagram twice.

Do you feel compelled to check on other things, in particular those of social media constantly, which  inadvertently put you, and your blogging needs, second place?

Perhaps it's time to slam the breaks on, and take your distractions to a screeching halt. It's time to get back to the essence of you, and figure out how to ignore the noise coming from the blogosphere, and focus in on your blogging aspirations and goals. Don't get me wrong; social media and surveying other blogs certainly can have positive effects on your blogging life and be quite enjoyable, however it's important to strike a healthy balance between these endeavors. When you fracture yourself off into tiny pieces, all grappling for your attention, it can be difficult to do your best at the main task at hand, which in this case, is blogging.

Here's a few tips to consider that can help you feel refreshed, focused, and capable of setting the  focus back on your blog:

The Bi-Weekly List

Every couple of weeks, write or update a bi-weekly list of your blogging goals and items that you truly WANT to write about. Updating it less frequently will most likely be more of a realistic approach to accomplishing these items, so that you retain the excitement and enthusiasm for those subjects you are looking forward to writing about, instead of getting frustrated because you haven't completed them. The less realistic you are about how much you can accomplish, the higher the chance will be of straying from your writing and further distracting yourself by heading straight into social media to preoccupy you.

Blog Mantra and Meditation

Remind yourself of your blogging goals, why you decided to have a blog, and perhaps recite your tagline in your head and let your mind wonder into the depths of thinking about anything blog-related that pops in there. Remind yourself that you started this blog, it's your blog, and not to be too hard on yourself when you don't have time or feel unfocused. Try to set aside three moments to quietly, meditatively reset your mind in order to get back to the core of your blog. Trust me, I know it can be difficult to sit quietly somewhere with your eyes closed, so take any time you can to do this; be it on your morning commute, while you are blow drying your hair, in the bathroom, whenever, wherever!

Detox via an Involuntary Rehab Admittance

Okay, I admit this tip's phrasing is a bit dramatic, but if you feel you're going way overboard on social media or checking out other blogs or sites constantly and its definitely effecting your blogging performance, you may need a third party to intervene for you. Use software, apps, or plugins to block such as Anti-Social, SelfControl, or FocusWriter. You can also use the good old “swear jar” formula that each time you open a new tab and head to Facebook or take a peek at your phone to check out Instagram updates, throw a quarter, a $1, something into an actual or virtual bucket as penance for indulging in the distraction.


Has your blog suffered because you've been distracted by social media or the endless, exploratory nature of the internet?

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11 Responses

  1. Raivyn dK

    Definitely a helpful post, as bloggers [all of us] get distracted at least on occasion… I like to have a small list of specific tasks to complete every day, so I keep my focus, and still allow myself to play around with the extra time.

  2. Vanessa

    I totally agree here, constant checking of “noisy” social media is a huge distraction that’s almost compulsive at times! I’m gradially getting into the habit of not checking my social media whilst working on a post. It’s quite a feeling of accomplishment in itself when you realise you’re no longer at the mercy of having to know what’s going on in your circles 24/7!

  3. Ann Krembs

    Lately, with work, the blog, the neverending to-do list, new projects, I have been feeling like I’m unravelling out of control. I regained it back this week though! Rather than looking at my ginormous to-do list as a whole, I started to break it down. For example, in the morning from 8-10 I took one task and made another to-do list breaking down that task. I even allotted time to each. I was so productive! I did that all day–including time to check in on blogs, another section for scheduling posts. Oh! I had the best, and more importantly, productive day that I’d had in a long time. I feel like I’m getting somewhere on that mammoth list!

    Ann of Kremb de la Kremb

  4. Sabina @Oceanblue Style

    not really suffered but it takes a lot of discipline to not let myself get distracted by social media because I will start wandering away from my Focus. So I have been doing what you also said here: shut out the noise. I tend to only visit other Blogs for instance twice a week. So that allows me to stay focused and the creative juices to flow…xo Sabina @Oceanblue Style

    • Julia Dinardo

      Hi Sabina,
      Thanks so much for your comment, and I concur that twice a week is a good parameter and set control for looking at other blogs; I wish I had the discipline to execute a steady schedule with it; sometimes I think, “check Facebook only once today” and then I keep catching myself doing it- darn! 😉

  5. Kaisha

    This was a great read. These are some of the things I told myself to do a while back. I will jot down my ideas and goals. I just started a vision book so I feel like I am not too off but still I will do these things to refocus.

  6. Onianwah

    OMG, my blog suffers ALL THE TIME. I’ve recently taken to also watching Nollywood movies in the time I’m supposed to be blogging (my excuse is that I’ve been under a lot of pressure recently and so needed to cool off). But dang, it’s really bad. It’s almost time for my blog to take a break for the year and I feel bad that I haven’t finished my calendar for the year *huge sigh*

    Lagos, Nigeria

  7. Gracious Store

    There are lot of things we have to do, it is a question of prioritizing our tasks. The moment we put all our tasks in their proper perspective, it will be easy for us to handle them without being distracted from what we consider to be our main focus.