20 Off-Beat Holiday Themed Posts You Can Write

I first started seeing Christmas decorations in the stores back in August. No, seriously, August. Part of me wanted to buy the “cool stuff” before it sold out, because usually I like to wait until after Thanksgiving to do anything Christmasy, and by then, most things are picked over. That's pretty much my thoughts when it comes to the holidays and posting. Usually waiting to the last minute to throw together some kind of holiday post, then promptly go back to laying on the sofa eating chocolate until New Year's Day.

So, with all the holiday posts out there, if you feel overwhelmed, that means your brain is working. What do you want to contribute to the holiday spirit? Well, if you need some inspiration, here's a few posts that you can possibly write:

Unexpectedly Good (Non-Christmasy) Films for The Holidays


Sure everyone knows A Christmas Story and It's a Wonderful Life… but what other films that aren't about Christmas at all can you watch to put yourself in the mood for the holidays? A lot of us will be loafing around doing nothing, so it's the perfect time to talk about movies!

Home Lounging Style Guide

So if you plan on lounging around, and you like at like kind of looking good. What are you wearing? Share it with us to maybe dress up our sloth for the season.

10 Stylish Tv Shows To Binge Out On


OK, so we've all seen every episode of Scandal and Revenge ever. But while we're home for the holidays, what other shows can we watch to sharpen our sartorial savvy? I've been loving Peaky Blinders, and wow, talk about the costumery!

Zombie Christmas Party? 10 Hilarious Holiday Party Themes (And What to Wear to Them)


If the schmaltz isn't your thing. Make it your own by throwing a totally non-conformist and unexpected holiday soiree. I'd totally love a zombie Christmas Party. Brains!

Santa & Me Over The Years


Did you find your old Santa photos? Share them with your readers! Here's my son and Santa. Eep!

Santa Photos All Over Town


Don't have pictures from years past with Mr. Claus? Go around town and make new ones!

10 of The Weirdest Holiday Songs Ever


Ever wonder “how did that happen?' while listening to a Christmas song? Or, just generally, WTF? Let's talk about that.

Holiday Tablescapes

I've been really into home decor, so would love to see what people are doing with their table tops.

How to Make Any Outfit Festive

Not everyone can rush out and buy a gold sequin dress for every party they go to. How do you Christmasize your party gear? That might help out a few peeps.

10 Rules for Dressing for The Holiday Parties


One of my favorite Anna Dello Russo blog posts was that of which she shared her rules for Christmas Dressing. Wear Gold. Emphasize that you are a gift!

My Most Embarrassing Holiday Party Story Ever

Everyone has one. Like that time I got drunk and told Martin Parr he was the most boring person. Ever.

What The Holidays Were Like at My House

“Home for the Holidays” mean different things to different people. What does it mean for you?

Surf's Up! 10 Cool Things You Can Do On Christmas

If you're getting cabin fever, get out of the house! One of my favorite Christmases was when I took surfing lessons in Waikiki. Some other things that are fun to do on Christmas, go to a yoga class, go to the movies, go ice skating. Whatever!

Drinking Eggnog Out of The Carton & Other Holiday Confessionals


For some reason it tastes better that way.

10 Things The Movies Say Christmas “Should” Be Like, But Totally Never Is, For Anyone


The snow. The mansion. The beautiful dinner. The harmony. The Lexus with the bow on it. Oh please.

Why I Hate the Holidays

Embrace your humbug.

Why I LOVE the Holidays


Give Buddy a run for his elf money.

Just What Exactly Makes a Good Present?

Is it the thoughtfulness? The dollar amount? Does it fulfill a need, or just extravagant? What makes a great present GREAT?

10 Things You Can Do to “Give Back”

You know, because it's the season of giving and all.

10 GREAT Presents You Can Give Without Spending a Dime

Now here's a challenge. They say the best things in life are “free” so how can you give presents that are both great and free? Ok, well, how about great presents on a budget?

What other posts would you write for the holidays?


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8 Responses

  1. Ina Nuvo

    haha, that´d be so much fun! who wants to be the first to post one of these ;D

    no, seriously, the first and the last one are quite interesting 🙂


  2. TlvBirdie

    Made me want to drink Egg Nog, from the carton indeed:))
    I thought about Christmas related posts just today, nothing planned yet, but I assume there’s still time:)


  3. Anna

    I rarely post anything holiday related! Though last week I posted some table setting tips, which honestly can be used all year round!

  4. Sagan Morrow

    Aw cute ideas! Original indeed. Looking forward to seeing some of these pop up around the blogosphere 🙂

  5. Josefin Forsberg

    A great post! Seriously, all of my ideas have always seemed so unoriginal – So I just haven’t even written about the holidays at all! I’ll definitely use some of these! 🙂


  6. Gracious Store

    I like to wait till few days to Christmas to start posting anything about Christmas because for me it makes the Spirit of Christmas fresh and fun rather than doing it weeks before the D’day. When you begin Christmas long before it starts, it damps the true spirit and joy of the celebration