Rethink Your Blogging Organization in the New Year


I feel like there are a million small things that if done as they occur, are manageable, but when left to pile up, become an insurmountable project to tackle. What I'm referring to is organizing both tangible and intangible items as a great way to start out the New Year.

I've found that the rapid speed at which I churn out posts and respond to emails don't always allow time for me to process what I'm doing and organize everything optimally, if at all.

Here are some suggestions to establish order to your fashion blogging life that once completed and maintained, can work in your favor and create a more enjoyable blogging experience for you:


If you are a fashion blogger, you may do personal style photos, review clothing and accessory items, and/orΒ  wear spiffy fashion-forward looks to events that you attend. Rethink the way that you store these items, so that less time is spent looking for them or contemplating what you're going to wear next year.

It may make sense to break down your closet into sections, like the front section being your most stunning, fashionable pieces, and the back being everything else, or resort everything and organize by color or be genre, i.e. all blouses then skirts then pants then dresses.

Your Contacts

Depending on your email browser used, it may or may not be easy to search for previous brands or people that you've emailed with and would like to work with again, so now could be the time to go through and make sure that you add those people into contacts.

In addition to this/or instead, you may want to create a document, most simply a spreadsheet in Google Docs or in Evernote ( I prefer something that can be uploaded and edited live, so that it's always accessible), to list out your blogger friends, designers, publicists, brands, etc, and update the contact info every time someone in there comes or goes. If you are writing a post and need to find someone quickly or peruse a list, it's a quick and easy way to do it.


Look across all of your devices, from your phone to table to computer, and delete (and clean out the trash) photos and videos you know longer need. If you've uploaded images to your blog or social media, evaluate whether you need to keep another copy of them on your device.

If you do personal style photos, delete all of the photos that didn't make the final cut in your shoots, and use a software program to help organize or identify and delete duplicate images files, such as The Duplicate Finder or Gemini. You may want to organize your image files on your phone better with the use of an app; I have an iPhone and like Private Photo Vault, since I can title the folders instead of just having them all in the phone's default continuous chronological stream.

Where to Put Items and Posts Pending

It's VERY easy to have product and “to-do” lists running a muck, so putting in place a system and sticking to it will save you time, AND you'll always know where to find those lists.

With actual product to check out and review, I find that it gets overwhelming, fast, if they are piled up on my desk as they come in, so I bought a stack of large bins that I keep next to my desk to plop them into instead.

The top two drawers are for items to review ( I usually break it out into one for fashion items and the other for beauty products), and the bottom one is where I put them once reviewed, if I haven't had time to put them away in my closet. If items are urgent and need to be a top priority to review, I place them on top of the bins. This is what works for me and my blog, and it will hopefully inspire you to find your own way to organize pending items.

When it comes to the writing part, I've been known to write lists on actual sticky notes, on my laptop's sticky notes app, in my phone, in a draft post, and in the “tasks” option of my Gmail. Honestly, it's too much, and things get lost and fall through the cracks this way. Keeping it all in one place is key, and recently I've dedicated my attention to the Gmail “tasks” pop up,Β  creating a writing list ranked by priority, and a shooting list of products I'd like to photograph. Whatever you find works best for you, keep it streamlined and use it exclusively to list your to-dos.

Apps, Plug Ins, Software That Will Simplify Your Life

There is often something overlooked that may have a simple solution or remedy – at a cost. Sometimes, however, it is WORTH it! Think about what would make your blogging life easier and more enjoyable, regardless of price, and weigh out the breakdown of the cost versus the amount of times you may use it and save because of it.

There may be an application out there that will help you to schedule social media, edit posts, touch up images, etc, that has a monthly or flat fee. And it may be totally worth it.

See if you can do a trial or cancel if you don't like it or use it, but there may be a way to cut down on that thing that takes up the most amount of time, and gives you the least amount of pleasure when it comes to blogging.


What have you used that has made you a more organized blogger?

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20 Responses

  1. Rash

    Basecamp has come in really handy for me. It’s where I store all of my ideas, upload pics and schedule posts.

  2. Sagan Morrow

    Great ideas here! I like keeping a spreadsheet going with blog ideas, and I just recently purchased a wardrobe which is SO MUCH EASIER to keep track of outfits and items compared to when everything is folded in a dresser.

    I also write down all of my clothes in a “Look Book” spreadsheet so that I can have all of my pieces right there on my screen to choose new outfits to put together, rather than trying to go through all of my actual clothes and make a mess of things.

  3. Cecil Vedemil

    My blog is changing a lot recently and I think I’m going to the “fashion&lifestyle” blog types. Anyway, this post has been really helpful, even for a non fashion blogger. It may sound crazy but I like to organise my clothes the same way I organise my books: instead of authors, by brands.

    xx Cecil //

  4. Yukova Design

    Thank you for your tips and inspiring me to organise my blog!
    I’m a very organised person and sometimes I even become organisation or time-management freak.
    My best tip is to organise a very good-clean-easy to understand structured folder and put all my content etc there once I’ve posted something.
    Always give names to photos and documents. always put dates.

    All the best,

  5. TlvBirdie

    I love this post as much as I love organizing my own blogging business!
    I find Google docs best for keeping track and organizing contacts and projects, as I can enter from any device that is nearby.
    In general, I am looking forward for a big step into 2015 and clean, organized background will be definitely a key to success!


  6. Gracious Store

    There is an absolute need to be organized, it helps me to be more efficient and productive. I used Google calendar to remind what I have to do and when to do them and I try to follow by calendar of events as meticulously as I can in that way I don’t have any thing piled up for any length of time.