IFB’s Five Most Popular Posts for 2014

Can you believe this is the LAST day of 2014?

Jeez Louise! I cannot. This year whizzed by like a bullet train.

Whether you just started blogging or celebrated your 10th year, 2014 was the year that bloggers hit their stride. At this point “validity” isn't even a question in terms of influence and credibility, well, like any other publication, it's all up to the writers and editors themselves and not just the medium of which it comes out on.

To take a look back on the most popular posts, it really shows a couple of things, the way things work in the old media versus new media in terms of how PRs and brands engage are beginning to look more and more alike. The Wild West has settled down, and the “laws?” well, they are pretty much the same as ever. Including how to be competitive, how to get your blog noticed, and how to succeed on your own terms.

#1: Do Bloggers Really Get Paid for Press Releases, Freebies or Campaigns?


(This J.Crew Collaboration was published on my blog as a result, of a Press Release)

This post hit the internet after years of confusion, learning by mistakes, and ultimately finding out what is really what when brands reach out. It turns out that not everyone is “out to get  you” or to take advantage. WOW! That's great news! So when you get that email from a brand, this post will tell you what it all means.

#2: 12 Free Photoshop Actions for Fashion Bloggers


If you're looking to bring the magic of Instagram to your regular photos without your smartphone…and with a more powerful photo editing application. This is your post.

#3: My ONE Regret in 10 Years Blogging


[Image source: Shutterstock.com]

There is a lot of advice around blogging from all kinds of people, so if you are going to take advice, take it from someone who HAS made a living as a fashion blogger for decade.

#4: Update : You Don’t NEED 250,000 Page Views to Earn a Living Blogging


[Image source: Shutterstock.com]

The word on the street is that you have to be the most popular blogger on the block to earn a decent living with your blog. Trust us, this is NOT the case.

#5: Four Ways New Bloggers Can Stand Out


[Image source: Shutterstock.com]

If you're feeling overwhelmed with the competition… feel overwhelmed no more, here are four things you can do right now to get your blog on track to getting noticed!

And that's it for 2014!

Happy Flippin' New Year!!!


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  1. Gracious Store

    “My ONE Regret in 10 Years Blogging” this one regret can also be you greatest teaching moment depending on how you choose to look at it