The Must-Have Shopping Tool For Every Personal Style Blogger

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Ever wonder when your favorite items go on sale in your size? Believe it or not, every Personal Style Blogger needs a budget – But the truth is that it’s hard to keep track of when and where items you want go on sale, so you can complete that perfect outfit without breaking the bank.

We’ve recently discovered a great way to solve this problem. There’s a new free browser extension available called Shoptagr that let’s you know when items you truly want go on sale, right down to size and color. Shoptagr’s technology watches items for you in real time so you no longer have to visit multiple websites to find a good deal. Once the price drops you’ll get notified via email – that simple! All your wanted items are arranged in one place where you can organize them into outfits and collections.

So don’t spend too much time trolling for sales on your favorite items, and don’t panic if your wanted items get sold out. Shoptagr will also notify you when they are back in stock in your size again. You’ll now spend less time obsessively stalking bargains and more time doing the fun part, creating new outfit ideas and showcasing your style to your audience.

Sign up for Shoptagr here— it's 100% free!

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