How the Red Carpet Can Generate Content for Your Blog All Week


The Golden Globes are great fodder for your blog, and a perfect way to show your personality and opinion about dresses you liked and hated, makeup trends, hairstyles, etc. But that's just the beginning. You can get lots more mileage from any awards show by following up with posts two to three days after the red carpet event. In journalism we call it the second-day lead. You can call it a smart and relatively easy way to get more content and traffic, since everyone will be searching for red carpet commentary in the days following the big night.

1. Create a quiz.

There are plenty of free online tools to use. Who was best dressed? It will give you two posts: one announcing the quiz, and one announcing the winner. Also you can do this several days after the awards: Tom and Lorenzo didn't post theirs for the Golden Globes until yesterday.

2. Find a trend.

Did three people wear royal blue? It's a trend! Did more than one person wear an ass cape? (Thankfully, not this year, but you get the idea.)

3. Show a style evolution.

A little Google searching can turn up old photos of the actors on the red carpet. Meryl Streep is a great, if challenging opportunity. Someone a bit younger like Emily Blunt might be lower hanging fruit.

4. Look to history.

Amal's gloves quickly got their own Twitter accounts (and not very many followers). But when did women stop wearing gloves on the red carpet? Who has gotten panned in the past for wearing them (Diane Keaton did in 2007, and Heidi Klum wore them in 2004)?

Really any idea for a post you might have beyond “this is what they wore and I liked/hated it” can work as a second- (or third-) day lead. Just be careful about copyright. If you lift Getty or other paid-for photos from the web, you could be violating copyright and face a takedown request or worse. If you don't have a photo service subscription, your best bet is to manipulate the photos somehow, for example in a collage, to steer clear of infringement. And of course ALWAYS list all of your sources.


Image via E-Online Getty Images

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  1. Cecil Vedemil

    It’s amazing how many posts you can do with a simple event. Although I’m not a fashion blogger, I think that I would definetly consider doing some of the posts you mentioned. Looking trough history sounds very appealing so I’ll see… thanks for sharing such great ideas!

    xx Cecil //

  2. Gracious Store

    You are absolutely right. The dresses these “stars’ wear for the red carpet give one good content topic. I have often come up with a bunch looking at what they wear and how they carry themselves.