Target Launches Trendy Plus-Size Line, Ava & Viv, Features Fashion Bloggers in Lookbook


Sometimes it might feel like the fashion industry will never change.  But in the case of Garner Style's Chastity Garner-Valentine's boycott on Target to get them to include plus sizes in their trendier lines, the times are a changin'.

This morning, Target announced they will be launching a fashionable plus-size collection, Ava & Viv in all brick-and-mortar stores mid-February and online starting February 22. There will be ninety pieces in the collection,  priced between $10 and $79.99. While Target's in-house team designed the Ava & Viv collection, they consulted with bloggers Chastity Garner-Valentine, Nicolette Mason, and Gabi Gregg to hone in on what the fashion savvy plus-size community wants to wear. From the snippets shown on the video, and from the excitement around the collection, it looks promising!

All-in-all this is a win for the plus-size community, as well as for bloggers everywhere. Chastity had built a strong community through her blog, and when she saw something that needed change, she stood behind it, and she didn't back down. While there was no mention of the boycott in the press, one can't help but to wonder if Target had created this line in response to the boycott. Time will tell if this is a successful collaboration in terms of sales and the “bottom line” so we can look forward to seeing more positive and inclusive changes in the fashion industry.



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  1. Brooke Vlasich

    Congrats to Chastity, Nicolette, and Gabi for their success in creating an influential campaign to get fashion to create designs for and accept plus-size women! It’s exciting to see blogging form a strong community!

  2. Gracious Store

    Good! Fashion is for all, plus size women should not be excluded from wearing beautiful outfits, They too can enjoy looking their best at anytime