Rock New Looks On Your Blog without the Need to Constantly Spend & Acquire!


Bloggers can be aspirational, inspirational, but still attainable when it comes to affecting the way readers think, dress and shop. Just because you take personal style photos doesn't mean you have to constantly shop and wear spanking new things. Ease up on that pressure and start to enjoy the hunt for free or highly affordable goods with these suggestions below:


Organize (or Attend)  a Swap

I find this to be one of the most fun and fastest ways to trade out items that no longer float your boat, for someone else's. As the adage goes, one woman's trash is another woman's treasure, and you can make it into more of a party with some champagne or cocktails, lite bites, and even an impromptu fashion show of the newly swapped wares.

Plus, you'll get some instant feedback on the items your considering picking up, and most likely see joy on someone's face when they discover the items that you've put in.

Raid (or Borrow) From Your Mom's or Another Relative's Closet

Do you have a sister of similar size or style who lives close by, geographically? Then you have the BEST set up, imaginable! Thank her in your blog post/give her credit for letting you use her items on loan (or permanently), and don't forget about asking a very cool aunt or your mom if you could use anything of hers for your blog. You may want to ask them about the story behind the piece(s) that you borrow/keep, which could be a nice personal touch to your photo story.

Also, don't forget about accessories: handbags and jewelry are SO great because they aren't size specific, which means you are easy to borrow, easy to carry, and easy to love.

Trade Your Clothes For Other Items

The concept of the swap gets taken to the digital realm with sites and apps like Poshmark, Swapdom, Bib + Tuck, and Threadflip in which you can sell your clothes back for credit in order to pick out some new items in return. Some of these sites also let you opt for the cash option, which then leaves you with some money to use toward garments elsewhere, shall you choose to take that road instead.  There can be quite a thrill in finding your favorite brand on these sites or a piece that you desparately wanted several years ago, never got, and lo and behold, is now up for sale/trade in your size on one of these sites. Hey, it could happen!

Subscribe to a Rental Subscription Service

This is the only one of my suggestions that actually cost some money, BUT you could cash out from using one of the above trade-in sites, and then put it toward a rental subscription service, so voila! You are still at zero dollars out of your paycheck spent. Some of my favorites include Le Tote, Rent the Runway, Bag Borrow or Steal, and Rocksbox, in which you can borrow everything from casual apparel to evening gowns, handbags to fabulous jewelry.

If you ask me, having something on loan is oftentimes better than ownership, and if you really, really love something and must have it, there usually are options to immediately buy the item and keep it, or do so at some point in the future.

(Once You Become Established), Ask to Borrow From Brands

Last of all,  this is the ultimate desire for featuring new items in your photos, as it doesn't contribute to a closet-overcrowding scenario, and you could further solidify your great work and relationships with brands and designers. Work to develop a rapport with companies that are totally on-brand for you before asking cold turkey to borrow items, as you want to establish trust, your reputation and level of professionalism first. It really can be a synergistic match up, and make the brand very happy, so let them know what you have in mind with featuring the clothes or accessories, and provide a link to something similar that you've already done.

What other suggestions do you have to keep the spend on blog-related apparel and accessories low?

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18 Responses

  1. Patty Benson

    I love shopping my mom’s closet for new looks…especially anything vintage she’ll let me “borrow”. 🙂 Also, selling what I don’t wear to buy something new is great. I just launched a new resale site that allows members to buy/sell designer goods locally. Browse online, reserve and pick-up in town. (Which means you can see it before you buy it!)

  2. Yukova

    As a fashion blogger and designer, I often make-over my clothing.
    So, it becomes kind of new 🙂

  3. Emmie

    Great tips! I’d also suggest Gwynnie Bee if you’re over a size 10 and want a clothing subscription service.

  4. Brooke Vlasich

    These are great ideas so people don’t overspend and over-consume! It’s important to see how you can swap and use clothes to tell a story behind the outfit. I always like that personal touch.

  5. cheryl Y

    Very intersting article… I just learned something new. I didn’t know people rents designer stuff lol

    • Bike Pretty

      Exactly! This is an under-utilized resource. I’m surprised that the OP made it seem like such a big deal. You don’t need to be “established” to start borrowing items from small, local labels.

      I started doing that within my first 6 months of fashion blogging. It lead to some really great posts and was a win-win both for the brand and my blog. A quick rule of thumb is that if you have more twitter followers than the brand you want to borrow from, then you have a good shot at being able to borrow clothes.

      Of course, you may need to leave a security deposit, but that is only fair!

  6. mansuri schoolwear

    We love to blog. Article is well elaborated with new fashion ideas. This community site is good . We love the tips they share with us. I will bookmark this site to read regular updates. Keep Sharing latest fashion style

  7. Miranda Wright

    Great advice. As an art model, I often thrift for my costumes and trade what I have for more stylish pieces 🙂 Plato’s Closet is one of my favorite here in Chicago.

  8. Anastasia Nicole

    Great tips! I’ve been trying to figure out some creative ways to pull together new looks as a blogger who doesn’t have a major following yet without breaking my budget. Totally forgot about rental services…And I just got a blog post idea from this ; )