How To Be O.K. About Not Going to Fashion Week


I'm not headed to New York (or Paris, London or Milan) this season for Fashion Week, and I'm thrilled. I'm so happy to not face the freezing weather, the crowds, the sore feet, and the exhaustion. Thank goodness I don't have to fit seven on-trend-but-unique, cutting-edge-but-comfortable, casual-but-not-boring outfits into my carry on. And the expense. The flight, hotel, food, and necessary cocktails can really rack up a credit card bill without a ton of payback for this blogger.

I mean, I know it's great exposure and really productive for some bloggers. They land lucrative collaborations and get shot by Tommy Ton. They get to hang with all those street-style stars. Maybe they'll see Emanuelle Alt or, like, Garance Dore! Then there's the networking and parties and mingling with fashion visionaries.

And OMG my FOMO just went into overdrive. How much would a flight cost for a red eye tonight?

Every home page of every fashion publication features headlines about fashion week right now, so it's hard to not feel like you're totally missing out if you're not headed to the Big Apple or Europe later in the month. But it's O.K. Really. This is actually the perfect season to miss New York Fashion week, because it's the event's last season in Lincoln Center, and no one really liked it there anyway. Next season it will be in a new venue, likely downtown in a cooler, hipper spot. Plus the weather will be so much better in September.

 The fashion editors I've worked with don't even bother going to shows, they just snap up the runway photos when they show up on Getty Images…

Another reason to be happy you're staying home on your couch? You can be much better informed about Fashion Week happenings by following along online. Your body can only be in one place at a time. But your browser, Instagram feed and Facebook page can be in hundreds. The fashion editors I've worked with don't even bother going to shows, they just snap up the runway photos when they show up on Getty Images, where you can see the details of the garments much better anyway. Seriously, take it from this guy.

Still not convinced? Here's a story that might make you feel better.

A few years ago, I was so excited to be invited to Charlotte Ronson's runway show at Lincoln Center. I lined up with an unusually large crowd waiting to get in. I even had a seat! I was excited and wearing very high heels. About 45 minutes after the show was scheduled to start, the guards began to let people in. And then they stopped. About half the line was admitted, the other half would not be allowed in. Apparently the organizers over-invited bigtime. My fellow line-waiters and me were not happy at all.

About 45 minutes after the show was scheduled to start, the guards began to let people in. And then they stopped. About half the line was admitted, the other half would not be allowed in.

Do you need that kind of nonsense in your life? No, you certainly do not. Let those other fools document what they're packing—which you know will change 100 times before their flight and they'll end up panic-packing at zero hour. You are much happier in your home office with your sage candle and updated mood board. If you're still feeling the FOMO, start saving up now for September. Everyone has high hopes for relocating downtown. It will be a new mood, and you have six whole month to prepare your closet, mind and body.


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13 Responses

  1. Diane Taha

    Thank you for this post – I needed to read this! Even though I’ll still be going to NYFW, I’ll be missing about 3 shows because of work and by virtue of living in CT. At least I don’t have to pay for a flight but hotels are $$$. Plus I am NOT looking forward to that frigid cold.

  2. Debonita

    I love your post. I am so happy that I can watch nfw live at the comfort of my couch. Great post really makes me feel better

  3. Alex

    I am one of those people prefering to get their images from the web and/or watching live streams 😉 And I don’t feel like missing anything. Maybe I’ll indulge Milano in September, it’s close enough to were I live to actually feasibly get in and out within a day.

    Alex – Funky Jungle

  4. Charlotte Mariga

    Loved reading this, so true! As jealous as I am that I’m not attending NYFW I’m glad I can catch it all online and not have to face the cold or splash out on outfits! Adore your blog, I’m new to blogging if you could check my blog out or give me some feedback I would be so appreciative! Keep up the good posts, much love! xoxox

  5. Jamie

    I’ve dreamed of going to Fashion Week but as a Southerner, I don’t do anything below 60 degrees, not even a football game. And if you are from the South, you know how important that is. lol

  6. Khadijah Davis

    This post makes me so happy right about now. While I wish I could attend MBFW, I would rather be home on the couch taking selfies, and watching E! to see all the latest behind MBFW

  7. Jeanine Marie

    It would take a lot for me to get on a train in this cold weather. I get the scoop on the trends from friends who work in the industry and now with social media, information is instant. I start collecting ideas and by fall, I have content to get me through the season.

    Jeanine Marie

  8. Sabina @Oceanblue Style

    Thanks so much for sharing your experience! That is one of the reasons I love reading ifb:) After having founded my fashionblog just about a year ago one thing I am still learning- patience and setting realistic goals. Being a European blogger with a full time job on the side I cannot pretend to be one of the hot shots. I am still in the process of defining my aims and where I want to go with my blog for women 40+. And I seriously do want to it keep growing as fast as it has been so far. But putting pressure on me by comparing myself with people on a different scale is certainly not going to help me going where I want to go. So I am happy and relaxed blogging away happily…Sabina | Oceanblue Style

  9. Christine comer

    This sentiment is so true! His was my first year actually attending a NYFW show, (tibi, and it was everything I’d hoped for and more!) but in previous seasons, I had serious FOMO, especial because I’m a full time teacher… I would watch the runways live streams during my lunch break!
    Please take a minute to visit my blog guys! Www. and follow me on Instagram @thelittlegoldmix ❤️