Four Bloggers Who Have Evolved Their Blogs Like Bosses

erin hiemstra baby bump

I launched my blog as a personal style blog in 2010, but I've never been able to come up with enough stellar outfits to fill every day of the week—not even just the weekdays. Plus I like to write, and I can certainly find plenty of things to say about my outfits, but I feel a pull to opine about other things in life, too. It can be tough, though, to work other topics into your blog without making your readers feel a bit lost.

The bloggers below are proof that it's possible to masterfully add new topics and keep readers riveted. As we get married, have kids, and move to different cities, our blogs can move with us. Below are a few of my favorites who have transformed their sites into bigger and better operations over time.

1. Calivintage

Erin Hagstrom started blogging in 2008 to document what she wore everyday. Over the past seven years, she has developed a dedicated audience who comes back for her quirky, vintage-inspired outfit posts. As time went on, she seemlessly added recipes, beauty tips, and as of about a year ago, her adorable baby boy into the mix and it all totally works.

2.Honestly WTF

Erica Chan Coffman was never one to post copious outfit photos since she launched her blog in 2010. But with photo diaries, DIY tutorials that she creates herself, and occassional glimpses of her amazing home, the site has always felt personal. Awesome giveaways, curated peeks at the latest designer collections, and out-there art keep her readers coming back for more.

3. Man Repeller

Leandra Medine is one of the most successful personal style bloggers ever. But posting photos of her outfits wasn't enough for this talented writer and editor, so she has transformed her site into a full-on fashion magazine with a little bit of everything from style to beauty to humor and trivia. She has also taken on contributors who write about all of the above and more, and the writing is always entertaining.

4. Apartment34

Erin Hiemstra originally launched her blog to document the re-do of her Seattle apartment. She has since moved to San Francisco, and along the way has been giving us glimpses into her life, home and stylish outfits. Over the years she has built a team of talented editors and photographers who round out the site and keep her readers informed and entertained with multiple posts daily, covering stunning spaces, style, food and travel.

Who are your favorites? Bring 'em on!

[Photo by Emily Scott for Apartment34]

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22 Responses

  1. Carla

    I know IFB does the best to put on some diversity here, including on the weekly round up. But it’s frustrating to see posts like this and “The Instagram Habits of Mega-Popular Fashion Bloggers”which contain examples of successful fashion bloggers because it has no black people on it. I already saw that you included fashionbombdaily here but we could see more black bloggers on this type of posts I think. Unfortunately fashion industry has been putting our esthetic down and would be nice to see more representation to inspire us.


    • Kristen Philipkoski

      Hi Carla, I totally hear you and will keep that in mind next time. Thanks for your comment, diversity is important to me and I should have thought a little harder about being more inclusive in this post!

      • Carla

        I would suggest the girls of Skinny Hipster and Bisous Natasha I think they are pretty awesome bloggers who work hard on their design, branding and social media but there’s a lot more girls out there 🙂

      • Michal Upchurch

        StylePantry and MimiGStyle have awesome blogs, as well.

  2. Michal Upchurch

    I agree with you Carla. As I was reading this, I was thinking in my mind of some of the successful black bloggers that I follow. I will say IFB does a good job of posting helpful tips on how to make your blog more successful. Even if the bloggers listed are not black, tips and reading bios of successful bloggers transcends color lines. I’m just happy to read about a successful fashion blogger.

    • Carla

      I also think the tips applies for everyone and I absolutely love them. But yet fashion is so much about visual, aesthetic… And if we analyse cases like Zendaya’s hair polemic, we see that’s still hard even for people on the fashion industry accept and understand whats different from them. And for me, that’s the problem on the lack of representation. We have less opening and consequently less opportunities, just cause people still see something they think its “wrong” on others.

      • bibi

        I totally agree with you Carla and Michal Upchurch.There’s a lot of stylish black fashion bloggers like,
        Just to name a few.

  3. Raivyn dK

    They have done quite well for themselves… I think, as we grow, it should naturally happen on our blogs as well. Of course, this will happen in different ways for different people.. and if we were to stay the same, that would be pretty boring, right?? I totally encourage growth, and branching out. A lot of times it’s hit-or-miss, but over the years, we just come to know what is natural, and otherwise. Don’t stress, just let it happen. <3

  4. Melody Sours

    I’m glad to see that readers embrace change from their favorite bloggers. Being able to try different genres, while still keeping your original site is an exciting thought.


  5. Tales of Two

    Really love this post because even though my blog has only been one year old I already feel like I want to include more stuff and be able to talk about other things. However, everyone stresses so much on just focussing on a particular niche so its great to see bloggers doing well despite branching out.

    • Maggie A

      I’ve been blogging for 7 years now when I first starting blogging as a potential career field I thought I had to do the same but I quickly learned I had to try all aspects before narrowing down and even with that, I found a way to work all that content into my blog. Don’t put yourself in a box. Its always about what embodies you and your personality. xo

      Happy Blogging! xo

  6. Anastasia

    It’s such a tricky question! My blog is dedicated to my two passions – fashion and travel. So I mix up my personal outfit posts with travel diaries like 50/50. And the result is…It drives different readers! Those who like my travel posts can be not necessarily interested in my oofd at all! So unless it’s your passion, I wouldn’t recommend to incorporate different subjects on the blog.