Is Making Videos Irrelevant for Fashion Bloggers?


The “haul” or “personal diary” video certainly had its moment, and it feels as though now,  we've collectively moved on from that style of video sharing on blogs, and moved onto…what? How-to videos? DIY? That doesn't really feel fresh or new, nor do styling outfits, and posing or walking toward the camera, trying to be as organic and natural as possible.

Could using YouTube for fashion blogs be irrelevant now?

Sure, there are a few fashion bloggers with hundreds of thousands or even millions of followers in the space who work the genre well (Clothes Encounters, Dulce Candy, Fashion with Evelina) and  there's a caché to seeing your favorite bloggers speaking to you from the comfort of their bedroom or home, but…is it worth all of the effort? Is it feeling a bit stale?

Getting ready, setting up, filming, and editing can be incredibly time consuming, and if you aren't resourceful and good at it…it can turn out to look god-awful.  Beauty bloggers, (or beauty vloggers) doing tutorials and DIY videos still have  great appeal and make sense to the category, as they show how to create and apply looks, oftentimes exactly how you would learn if you took a class on it at Sephora or a makeup artist showed you how to do something in-person.

Fashion, on the other hand gets tricky, and with the advent of Instagram and its video function, plus the “time lapse” smartphone video features that seemed to have been popular this past fashion week filming runway shows, it seems that anything filmed and longer than a minute may have had its heyday. Not to say that someone can't come up with a new, innovative way to combine fashion blogging and videos, but until there is a tremendous amount of originality that becomes widespread in the category…I just may well be excluding making videos from my list of blog to-dos and to-watch.

What do you think: as a fashion blogger do you make videos? Or do you feel they aren't important to fashion blogging?

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25 Responses

  1. Purushu Arie

    Reading this made me slightly nervous since I’ll be starting off with my own youtube channel in couple of week’s time. But hopefully, I don’t make it stale and regular as it sounds and instead use my illustration and fashion design skills to make it different from others. Wish me luck! Hopefully, I can revisit the article and add further comments about how the adventures went!

  2. Rosie

    I’ve thought about this A LOT since I started my blog and always wondered if it was worth the effort. I tried making a video once and it was HARD! Who knows, maybe one day, but for now I agree with you!


  3. Raquel

    I really give major credit to bloggers who are YouTuber’s as well. Personally I feel like I would have to focus more on one or the other, because I hate lacking if my work. I find myself being strongest with my writing, so blogging is natural to me. YouTuber’s are fantastic though, but it certainly takes a different type of skill.

  4. Holly OBoyle

    I totally agree with this!! I want to include video in my blogging a bit more as it does showcase your personality better, but I’ve always held off as I want m it to have great content / be worthwhile. I find hauls a bit boring / “braggy”! I think there’s definitely a gap for something new… Just need to figure out how to do it!!

  5. Hannah

    I’ve noticed more fashion bloggers starting to take up YouTube. Bloggers who I think are great at fashion blogging, with amazing photos and amazing style – but I don’t think it works for them. I feel like you get nothing more than you do from the pictures (which in themselves look very time consuming to shoot!), and as you said, I don’t think it’s worth their efforts. The look book thing for me just is such a turn off too, I find it very self-indulgent and slightly cringe worthy – just the thought of all that effort going into a video of yourself parading around when we’ve already seen the outfit in photos on your blog AND social media etc. I can’t really get down with even more content of the same thing. It’s overexposure.

    I understand some people maybe wanting to ‘branch out’ and try to make content in other ways or styles though – and I think that’s totally fine. But to go from a not-very-personal-life-orientated fashion blog, to fashion videos and ‘vlogs’ just doesn’t work for me and I probably won’t watch it (unless the person is a natural ‘on camera’ personality – most are not!). Also I feel like in the UK since the Gleam Team (Zoella, Tanya Burr) have become so big, it’s a band wagon a lot of bloggers are now trying to jump on, that wouldn’t have dreamed to make videos before.

    To end on a positive note though… The videos I do find alright from bloggers who also YouTube is hauls. Though I agree that beauty blogging translates SO MUCH better to YouTube and I will always continue to watch those types of videos. Two girls who I do think translate their type of blogging to video well is Lily Melrose and Zoe London – both have essentially fashion/lifestyle/beauty blogs – but their videos do tend to focus a lot more on the beauty side, with the occasional fashion bits too. This approach does work I think. And they both have quite good on camera personalities.

    Hannah x

  6. Anastasia Nicole

    I’ve been going back and forth with starting a video series for the past month. For me it always boils down to being able to carve out the time to film something. I mean between working, pushing out two blog posts a week, keeping up with all my social, and everything else, I barely have time to sleep. I do agree that if a blogger is doing video they need to focus on something other than hauls, DIY and behind the scenes footage. It has to be true to their voice and offer their audience something completely different.

  7. Kierra

    i honestly believe that nothing in fashion is truly innovative anymore. We live in a world where fashion repeats itself it just comes in different shapes and differnt forms. I think the only thing interesting about bloggers or beauty youtubers is there personality and thier Perspective. I think that’s where the originality comes into play. It’s the people that are truly unique not necessarily the beauty items or clothes they are wearing.

      • Biki

        I agree, as long as the host of the video is entertaining and can mix having a great personality with content, I think there’s still a place for YouTube videos. There may be many YouTube videos, but there are few where I feel like I’ve been entertained as well as educated, so when I find the latter, I’m always interested and keen to watch!

  8. Carla

    As I’m still planning my blog I thought a lot about using Youtube as a complement. Unfortunately english is not my first language and I’m not totally fluent on it (speaking). And, at same time I don’t think it worths to do videos only in portuguese. So I thought about doing video teasers to follow up blog posts, but I don’t know if it’s a good thing, maybe people would get frustrated. Or maybe they would access the blog… I think would worth a try.

  9. Raivyn dK

    I think it depends on the blogger…. If they have a huge, obsessed following, well then, yeah. That’s what their fans want. But as for the rest of us, it seems kind of boring, unless you’re doing a demonstration or giving advice.. But let’s face it- most of us get VERY shy in front of a video camera, and we aren’t all expressive and enthusiastic. It takes a certain personality to pull of a great video.

  10. Accidental Icon

    Haven’t yet tried Youtube but found a little gem in a site called Wistia. It specializes in videos for business, you can try it out with a free account. I uploaded a very short video to my blog and also my other social media platforms and it sis amazingly well in regard to traffic. In fashion blogging, although I am new I have found that mixing it up but stain with your core persona is the key.

    Accidental icon

  11. Levitate Style

    I think video fashion blogging can be done in the right way. From a men’s style blogger perspective – video blogging can work with quick tips on how to tie a tie or clips from fashion events such as GQ x Bloomingdale’s. I have been using snapchat for these events and its a nice inside look of these private events especially when I don’t feel like posting 10 pictures on IG.

  12. Victoria Eklund

    This was an interesting read! Personally I believe that the transition from stills to video is inevitable. Fashion bloggers have to find a way to make use of this incredible platform with so many possibilities! Yet I have searched and searched and I can not find a single (just) fashion blogger who’s videos I like and can sit through and actually find interesting.
    I decided a couple months ago to make videos, I made two so far. I went to school for visual arts and media so I know how to edit. However, I had no videographer and shitty editing software, so I’m not that pleased with the result. Since fashion is visual, it’s about colour, shape, movement, textures and silhouettes, I don’t think words are necessary. My videos are more like music/art videos. I really enjoy doing these but it would be easier if I had help lol! I would also love to see other fashionistas making more creative use of video format.
    Personally I think there is nothing more boring than “haul” videos and someone talking and talking just to fill the space with something. Meaningless.
    Anyways, those are my thoughts. If you want check out my videos here:
    And my blog is:

  13. Kim Thomas

    I think it depends on the blogger. If there’s a fun element to it (they’re telling a story or they’re showcasing a trip and their outfit isn’t necessarily the focus of the vid but it plays a part) then I think they’re still cool. But if it’s just a vid of you doing a full body shot of your outfit? Skip it. That’s what your pictures are for.

  14. Bike Pretty

    I can’t imagine sitting through an entire haul video. That’s what makes me think the younger generation has a longer attention span than those of us who grew up with MTV when it played music videos.

    But then I figure that those kids are probably sending the snapchats while the haul plays in the background and I see how a vlogger can get away with a ten minute long video about their afternoon at Forever 21.

    So yeah, short how-to and DIY videos only. Please don’t make me listen to you talk for 5 minutes!

  15. Melody

    I think that viewers are becoming more interested in Reality show style Vlogs or “A Day in My Life” type of format.

    I post to YouTube, but nowhere near as much as my blog. It can be time consuming and difficult but gets easier as you go. I find that the more excited you are about what you’re filming, the less stressful it becomes. If you want to be there, so will veiwers.


  16. Janna

    This is something I think about. I was considering keeping fashion stricly on my blog and then my youtube channel be more lifestyle/ beauty. But I do like lookbook videos hmmm. gotta find a balance.

  17. Asia

    I haven’t come across a lot of bloggers who are dabbling into Youtube but the few I have aren’t bad. I’m familiar with a few who either have a blog to compliment their Youtube channel or vice versa. I think it’s okay if you’re using it to supplement what you’re already doing. Chriselle Lim started Youtubing before blogging as well as Wendy from Wendy’s Lookbook. They use videos for styling advice and personal reasons (Chriselle shares her pregnancy and new motherhood.) Then take to their blogs for personal style. Shirley Eniang makes beauty and fashion videos and uses a blog for personal style as well. Claire Marshall does mostly beauty videos and is relaunching her blog as a quick way to showcase whereabouts and events that are easier to post that editing a full video. Rachel Nguyen tried to do the youtube thing and I found it useless. I think it’s a great idea if you use it for an alternate way to give something different to your followers; not as just another form of media to display the same thing found on your blog, just in motion.

  18. Hannah

    I’ve been balancing the fashion blogger/YouTube life for over a year now and I totally still think it has a place. I do feel as though typical fashion videos are boring. You are right in that hauls & style videos are way over done!

    I strive to break those old trends by giving people a new way to look at old videos. My hauls are never just hauls, my favorites are never just favorites, and my advice is anything but serious.

    I think it helps that I have a history with making comedic sketches on YouTube so I add a lot of that into my content. I’m always keeping an eye out for others like me (admittedly they are far and few in between) but I really feel someone like Claire Marshall is stepping up the fashion game on YouTube and I hope more people follow suit!

    So basically, fashion blogger videos are not dead, they just needs a makeover.

    -Hannah | The Outfit Repeater

  19. Kelly-Lee

    I create youtube videos as well as blog content. I totally understand what this article is talking about because I don’t feel as energetic to film a video about my outfit as I do about photographing and writing about it. I think fashion videos on youtube are hard because they have been so over done and I struggle every week to try to keep mine fresh.
    So I have decided that I can use my youtube channel to create more lifestyle content that I didn’t think fit in my blog properly. It’s a bit strange to have fashion post than a random vegan smoothie recipe smacked in the middle. But on youtube it seems fine to jump around from week to week.
    So while I want my youtube channel to compliment my blog, I no longer feel that they need to be one and the same. (link to youtube channel in blog)

  20. Sherita Rankins

    I run a food, fashion and finance blog and am planning to shoot my first video session for my blog this weekend. I am shooting primarily food and beauty because I could not find a relevant way to shoot a fashion post without seeming like an episode of What Not Wear ( love you Stacy and Clinton). I do think it hard to teach style but it can be emulated from photos.