Vogue Puts Blogger Chiara Ferragni on the Cover: Cue Freak Out


It was a first when Lucky featured three fashion bloggers on its cover in January. Now, Vogue has upped the ante with a solo blogger on its cover for the Spanish edition. Chiara Ferragni of The Blond Salad (also one of the Lucky cover bloggers) of The Blonde Salad appears windswept in a heavily-belted military jacket over a nude bustier dress on the April 2015 cover of Vogue España.

Exciting times for fashion bloggers! They're in the front row at fashion shows, they're making money, and now they're on the covers of magazines. Around these parts, we find it inspiring. But not everyone is thrilled. From the hair, to the styling, right down to the font, commenters at The Fashion Spot are taking issue with Ferragni's cover.

Alyssa K says:

I've never liked Chiara Ferragni's blog, to me it never looked like a blog, I have trouble following bloggers that dress like fashion editors. There's nothing relatable about that. Anyway, that cover is pretty boring I have to say, and as someone pointed it out, the font used is easily downloadable anywhere and does not scream Vogue to me.

Tinsley V says:

they put the girl who named her blog the blonde salad on the cover of vogue?! ugh.

Vogue Disciple 93 has this to say:

Everyone that was involved with this cover – the stylist, art director, EIC, and anyone that did not say no during the whole process – should be out of a job right now. I can not believe a Vogue chose a halfwit like her as their cover subject and then topped it off with a comical layout.

Is it specifically the styling, or is it annoying that a blogger has infiltrated the hallowed territory of Vogue covers? What do you think?

[Photo via The Blonde Salad]


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27 Responses

  1. Andhika

    oh,, came on..she is one of us.. I am happy chiarra in the vogue cover

  2. Roxanne

    I believe it’s a mix of both. I follow Chiara but I have to admit she’s more model-esque as compared to any other “relatable” blogger. Blogs initially were a breath of fresh air from magazines and other fashion editorials and catered to mainly the plain old regular person. But since blogging has evolved so greatly (which is good) the bad thing is that personal blogs are not really personal blogs anymore and are more of advertisements and marketing schemes. The top bloggers are all skinny and model-esque again and most of their blogs are like magazines themselves. And what more is, blogs are now just modelling portfolios. It really takes time to find a blogger who has their own sense of individuality and will not wear runways pieces straight off as styled by the designers but will wear it in their own style. As happy as I am for Chiara, I wish it was someone like Blair Eadie or Leandra Medine who are not designer puppets.

    I have no problem with the styling or the font. 90% fonts are all easy downloadables and I don’t see any harm in using them.


    • Noemi

      I agree with you. Bloggers started to give readers an alternative to magazines. Now, their blogs are slicker than magazines. Chiara, particularly, is the blogger who, for me, looks faker. She has 3,3 millions of followers but I wonder how many are real, because her following on Instagram grows but the number of likes don’t… Some people even checked how much her brand of shoes earns and the earnings are quite far from what she and Pozzoli state. She started saying that she was against real furs and only wore faux furs but now she often wears real furs by Fendi and Cavalli.
      Many people worship her but for me she doesn’t even have a style of her own, she just wears clothes because she’s paid and never looks put together, like other bloggers.
      Vogue Us put Kanye and Kim Kardashian, so if Vogue Spain put her in its cover is just a sign that Vogue doesn’t represent anymore class and glamour but it just tries to sell more copies.

    • Purushu Arie

      ” personal blogs are not really personal blogs anymore”

      You got it 100% right Roxanne. Unfortunately, increasing number of blogs are turning out to be modelling portfolios. What’s worse is that off late, it’s about fancy images and almost no voice! For me it’s the words in the blog that takes to follow a blogger more than the images itself.

  3. Carla

    It doesn’t bothers me that it is a blogger on the cover. But there’s nothing new about her outfit or about the cover at all. She has a model face and a model body and is wearing a common outfit. In my opinion is pretty delusional to think this means something for fashion bloggers community. Well, maybe if you are model-like and can afford designer pieces.

    She represents the high fashion industry “dream blogger”: just like a runway model but with an “average person” credibility. And I think that the fact majority of us don’t look like models is what makes a huge difference. And no I don’t think skinny/tall people don’t deserve representation, before anyone say something about it. I just think we are a diverse community and there’s a lot of the same beauty standard going on for years on magazines. And blogging is cool because is different from magazines.

  4. Dilek

    I have to admit, I follow her but nowadays rarely check her blog. I just can’t relate to her. Yet, calling her a ‘halfwit’ is that commentator being a ‘dumbwit’ because he/she obviously has no idea that she studies law. Plus, you don’t become that big if you have nothing in your head. I have mixed feelings about her blog and styling aesthetic, and I also see her more as a model than blogger, but overall, I am happy that she, a blogger, made it this far. It’s admirable.

  5. barefoot duchess

    At the beginning (that’s 3-4 years ago), I liked her style very much, but not anymore. She is growing and changing (so am I) and I cannot relate to this new boyish style of hers. However, that doesn’t mean I am not super happy for her and for all of us bloggers. She might look model-esque but don’t forget that she is NOT a model. It is a great breakthrough for a 28-year-old blogger turning entrepreneur to be on Vogue’s cover and let’s hope that this is a milestone of magazines’ entering a new era and not a desperate nip-tuck to stay up to date.

  6. Kim

    I have been following The Blonde Salad almost since its inception, and when you check out her older posts, like this one http://www.theblondesalad.com/2010/03/have-a-nice-monday.html), you can really see how far she has come. Although I cannot relate to having a team run my blog or being photographed in designer fashion every day etc etc, kudos to her for achieving her goals if this is the direction she wanted her blog to go in.

    • Onianwah

      Just read the article you referenced and it is such a breath of fresh air compared to what Chiara writes now.
      What can I say?
      I agree with the fact that the successful bloggers look more like models and their affiliation with premium designers is based on the fact that they can afford it. But I believe there is something to learn from them.
      Luck Cover and now Vogue cover, bloggers are definitely getting recognised and that’s absolutely great.

      Lagos, Nigeria

    • Tales of Two

      I have been following The Blonde Salad almost since its inception, and when you check out her older posts, like this one http://www.theblondesalad.com/2010/03/have-a-nice-monday.html), you can really see how far she has come. Although I cannot relate to having a team run my blog or being photographed in designer fashion every day etc etc, kudos to her for achieving her goals if this is the direction she wanted her blog to go in.

      I have never followed her but did check out her blog once since she is so famous and wasn’t a fan. She seemed more like a model to me than a blogger. and if modelling is her chosen path then thats great for her! I have to admit though seeing her style in old post (although not a fan) atleast its individualistic unlike now! Thank you for linking that 🙂


  7. Mallory Brown

    I think it’s safe to say that this is a HUGE step for fashion bloggers, and if the public isn’t happy, at least Chiari has the support of her fanbase and fellow bloggers. Personally, I’m pretty thrilled with this.


  8. Munachi

    Can we all, for a second, stop pretending like this is only her 2nd magazine cover. Lucky and Vogue are definitely high profile but she’s been on TONS of magazines. She even publishes her magazine covers and features on her blog regularly. Am I glad bloggers are getting more legitimate recognition? Yes. But I’m not going to pretend like she represents the blogging community. When she posts photos in head to toe Moschino or Chanel or Jeremy Scott or whatever high end designer she plucked out of her closet that morning she is representing a paid/sponsored lifestyle that almost no other bloggers live.

    And let’s not forget that she was one of the hardest hit when Instagram removed inactive and illegitimate accounts. Someone who’s lost hundreds of thousands of followers in a matter of minutes is someone I would use to be a spokesperson of an industry that prides itself on “realness”.


  9. Alice

    I think the hate from that The Fashion Spot discussion is a bit much. It really screams high horse. Irregardless, I’m happy for her success! I read her blog about a few times a month and I get pretty much exactly what I want from it – pretty pictures.

    Personally I don’t have the expectation of her or other popular fashion bloggers to be highly intelligent humanitarians, their blogs are famous for fashion content, not Nobel prize articles. Just relax and enjoy.

  10. Meiro

    We should definitely let her be. She should although also focus on 70s trend as it is hitting the Fashion World back. Available on MeiroOnline.com

  11. Jenny S

    I am quite new in the blogging world so I do not follow her so long but definetely do not like her too boyish style…still, as somebody pointed out here, she made her way in the see of bloggers and that is the fact.

    Important question is also why somebody starts to blog and what is their primal motivation-if it is to make money this is a way to go.

    Are her followers real or not at this point of time is not even important as she already has the media and connections in the fashion industry. And the fashion industry has money. She will always be probably always able to attract new teenagers hungry for high brands and luxury lifestyle she is selling. I unfollowed her on all of my social media but still admire her success.

  12. Kelly

    I’m not the biggest fan of Blonde Salad for no other reason than she just isn’t my cup of tea. But I was thrilled to see her on the cover of vogue and I thought she looked great. Haters are going to hate, but she gives me hope that I could really make a career out of my personal style blog. (maybe not end up on a cover, but that’s ok).

  13. Katy Amezcua

    I have to say, I’m really happy for her! That is a huge accomplishment and really shows how much the internet and social media are growing. I can’t say I relate to her or read her blog but I think it’s awesome! As an aspiring blogger, I really admire her hard work and dedication. I typically read blogs that I can relate to but I think it’s great seeing bloggers on covers of magazines. That’s huge!

    xo, Katy

  14. Jiya

    I am Jiya from India. (Sorry if my English is not as good as yours before you rip my soul apart for not knowing English, being an Indian, a brown skin girl and what not!)
    I admit that I don’t follow her blog anymore (because I follow her on Instagram) but I do look up to her as an inspiration. She did something right, she has something in her looks that brands are collaborating with her, magazines are featuring her on the covers.
    Bloggers who just start-up, are true to what they really like and have loyal followers – brands begin approaching them to review something, use a link in the blog etc. and if that generates good traffic, they work with those bloggers again.
    It worked the same way for Chiara! Let’s admit – ain’t we (those who are hurling negative comments) a li’l jealous of what she has achieved? Shouldn’t VOGUE give a chance to those who do not belong to the fraternity of actors/actresses, lanky models? Shouldn’t high-ended brands use the name and fame of a middle-class girl/guy a chance? Shouldn’t a magazine or any other brand think of this business?
    Someone commented somewhere (TFS or here?) – “I don’t known who Chiara Ferragni is?” I am sorry but if you don’t know who Chiara Ferragni is, you don’t have right to even comment on this topic because now a days bloggers are everywhere and Chiara Ferragni is one who kinda tops the list and you probably ust started using Internet and had some thoughts on fashion, actors/actresses, models that you see in magazines. Wait! almost all magazines have a dedicated article, column, street styl columns that lists bloggers, so you probably don’t read fashion magazines too.
    I don’t know if I would be able to afford what Chiara shows on her blog, but that doesnt mean I would not wear that if I could afford or brands just collaborated. (I just scoffed at myself, but what if this really happens!) Read Chiara’s blog, you’d know that she had the same desire when she wrote back in 2009 and 2010.
    I can go on and on, but would like to conclude : are we the same people who talk about peace in this world, organic products, animal love and cry sometimes? I meant – are we those humans, who for a second could recall that CHIARA WAS JUST a BLOGGER, and she evolved herself!
    It breaks my heart!

  15. Jiya

    *Shouldn’t high-ended brands use the name and fame of a middle-class girl/guy if he or she has fan-following and brand knows that it will be good for their business?
    **Shouldn’t a magazine or any other brand think of their business?

  16. chantelle pidgley

    She is beautiful and some girls or guys are looked over in the modelling industry as its whats in season on the catwalk or magazine and people miss their vocation through one person setting a stereo type and its frustrating being over looked aswell as self esteem damaging believe me ive been their if they want ….Some season red hair some barbie types so I think natural beauty is everywhere and we should embrace a girl about town being on the cover of Vouge …It shows it can happen to anyone with a dream. LOVE !!


  17. Nadine Cathleen

    Maybe she was lucky given she started out when blogging was just becoming the new cool thing but certainly in the beginning she had her own style and I still like her style now (whether it is influenced by the brands that support her or not). She worked hard to get where she is now and yes, being pretty has probably helped her a lot. Nevertheless she never gave up and followed her dream. That’s encouraging and inspiring.