I Blog, Therefore I Shop: True or False?

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Being online makes shopping very, very easy. In fact, it's all too easy to keep up with the frenzied pace at which fashion moves. As fashion bloggers, it's natural for us to talk about shopping and items we've purchased, and it makes sense to link to them so that others can also fulfill their consumption desires (and so we might make a little of that money back).

Lucky Magazine, a publication dedicated to shopping, has even converted its site from an editorial one to an e-commerce platform (now known as Lucky Shops), proving that there is strong interest in, and a lot of revenue to be had, when it comes to linking to products available for sale online.

From the fashion blogging perspective, especially from a personal style one, there can be a motive to constantly wear and showcase new clothing and accessories. But is it a sustainable model? It starts to feel like the discount-happy clothing store employee who hands her paycheck right back to the retailer.

Linking to products can make revenue for bloggers, but what's the harm in creatively re-wearing items and featuring repeats on the blog?

What do our readers think of us, and what kind of story are we telling them if constant consumption appears to be a top priority?

In my recent piece “Rock New Looks On Your Blog without the Need to Constantly Spend & Acquire!,” I emphasize slowing down consumption and focusing on creativity and content. The approach we take to something as straightforward as shopping can be meaningful, and even become a part of the blog's branding and positioning.

What do you think? Do you feel there's an assumption that fashion bloggers shop excessively? Do you want to buck the trend?

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24 Responses

  1. M. Ward

    This is fascinating to our company because we don’t sell online. Some of our retailers do but most of our jewelry is sold is stores. There is something rather sad about seeing local stores disappear. Thankfully many people are learning they must be online.
    [email protected]

  2. ronlet thomas

    this post is so accurate man. I too am a shopaholic and i blame it on my blog lifestyle. but i have turned over on a new leave now. More things won’t make me any happier.

  3. Oliver Long

    I frequently use unfeatured (not necessarily newly bought) items on my blog as centrepieces and (re)use other things to build around the looks… I think it’s more important AND ethical that we, as personal style bloggers, reuse pieces of clothing and reinvent fresh ensembles out of them than constantly showing new items.

    Oliver // http://suedeandsymphony.com

  4. Katie

    I think there’s definitely the assumption that bloggers shop excessively. But, I totally agree it’s unnecessary. And, it’s something I’ve been considering a lot lately. My site (at the moment) only has my illustrations so it gives me a lot more freedom and flexibility. But, I also agree with Oliver – that bloggers should use their position to set an example.

  5. Debonita

    I was constantly buying more stuff than I needed. I have recently tried to be more creative and rework the outfits I have already posted on the blog. I think it takes a lot more creativity to reuse the outfits you already wore and present them in a new way. Hence I have slowed down on my buying impulse. Loved reading the post x

  6. Nicole

    Of course I think almost all bloggers love to shop, but I still always re-use my favorite pieces in my posts. Sometimes I feel like I over re-use but it’s just because I love that piece so much! Because the over populated world of fashion blogging, creativity is most important. Personally, I don’t enjoy blogs who aren’t creative.

  7. Sarah

    I like to think I keep a healthy(ish) balance of featuring new stuff and old stuff. I keep myself honest by doing a monthly budget post where I lay out everything I added to my closet that month (purchased and gifted). I also do remix challenges sometimes to encourage people to shop their closets. Still, it’s true that I shop more since I started my blog! Admitting you have a problem is the first step, right?

    ~Sarah of Sarah’s Real Life

  8. Sabina @Oceanblue Style

    Absolutely. First of all, it is a matter of budgets, right? So I decided some time ago to Show my Readers how to create trends directly out of the closet. No shopping…Sabina | Oceanblue Style

  9. Alex

    I agree. And I’ve always been upfront about showing “old stuff”. Infact, one focus of my blog has always been to often show the same items worn; remixed in different looks, in different ways. Precisely because I do not want to be part of the hamster wheel of ever more shopping. My Closet Conundrum Series is dedicated to having a wardrobe of a managable size (hint, I have an armoire not an entire room) full of items you love and want to wear over and over again.

    Alex – Funky Jungle

  10. Tiffany

    I know this is a fashion blog, but this is a beauty blog problem too. I’m on a no-spend spell and I wondered how to work the blog whilst in this phase. It took some brainstorming but I’m so down for bucking this trend. As a blogger, I don’t have tons of money I can just throw into my hobby and interests. Neither do my readers. Constantly consuming is uncreative and fashion and beauty are definitely not those things.


  11. Style Eyes

    I agree creative use of what you already have makes for a much more interesting blog. I am currently doing a ‘no new clothes for a year’ challenge. Actually it isn’t really that much of a challenge as I already have more than enough clothes.

  12. Darcy Fowkes

    There are many sides to every story, especially when it comes to fashion, and if consumption is the inspiration behind the story, it is not necessarily a very deep or interesting side. To me, consumption for the sake of consumption is like overeating. Promoting fashion from other sites is also just selling through their supply chain. There is no value add to the reader, which dangerously deludes the bloggers brand.

  13. Jenny S

    I admit I have shopping problem forever…it was my motivation through my university and master studies-“you will be able to shop every month” 🙂

    Still, I am not a slave of brands/trends and things which are currently “in” although i like to refresh my closet every season with some new pieces. I have younger cousin with similar body proportions who is inheriting all of my “old” pieces but I am known to keep some pieces also for one decade. I still have some clothes bought in high school and it is not any brand but pure “no name” stuff.

    Also my business clothes (banking, law) were always updated but not with expensive pieces – more mid price level. Lately, in last year or two, I am focusing on higher price range brands relying on their quality (which is not always the case-will write some negative reviews soon) so I am often an outlet guest:) When getting good piece for good discounted price I am more than happy to pay, considering that fashion does always bring those pieces back and it is always possible to refresh daily combination with an old piece.


  14. McKenzie Truman

    I definitely have felt this and it seems to keep up with the trends, get more collaborations, and followers, you’ve got keep buying buying buying. I’ve definitely strayed away from it but feel I might fall victim to it to increase my following and features.

  15. Natalie

    I started to fall victim to this shortly in my blogging career. To continue to provide updated content but reel in the shopping situation I started a series called Wear of the Week. This allows me to use one of my purchases and style it 3 different ways. It shows the versatility of an item and also keeps me from constantly spending!


  16. Anastasia

    Sure! But come on, fashion bloggers spend more to buy more to include these items in their looks ion order to let the readers shop it and that’s how a blogger generate income, right?
    But for small bloggers as I am myself the opposite concept of slowing down the consumption is helpful and also can bring benefits as real readers don’t shop every single day and would love to see a real life story on the blog.


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