Will Fashion Embrace Wearable Drones?

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I'll admit up front that I'm old-fashioned, and wearable technology doesn't excite me much, but it's not going anywhere any time soon. Google glass may have gone bust, but there are plenty even more interesting ideas springing up to take it's place. The question is, will the fashion industry step up and take notice? Does it matter?

DVF was an early Google glass adopter, and Tory Burch has designed her own Fitbit, but nowadays, there's even more fantastical discussion of wearable drones:

Picture a stylish, blade-shaped drone on your necklace. As rain starts to fall, the device can fan out and fly above your head, spinning fast enough to keep you dry.

Wearable drones like this are a long way from reality, but just last week SXSW hosted more than 70 sessions around Wearable Fashion & Tech. And SXSW is known for launching the next big thing (Twitter, etc.).

Designers are doing 3-D printed couture, clothing with solar panels installed, and glow-in-the-dark dresses. Android smart watches have already arrived, and Apple's is on the way.

So what does all this new wearable tech and attention mean for the fashion industry at large? For fashion bloggers specifically?

Are you excited about it? Will you incorporate wearable tech in your blog at all?

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4 Responses

  1. Anastasia Nicole

    I like the Apple watch, since I’m an Apple junkie, but I’m more excited about the gold Macbook Pro. I think I’ll keep my wearable tech down to my fitbit for now.

  2. Melody Sours

    I’m never excited about wearing anything that looks “techy”.
    On another note… Has anyone heard of designers possibly putting chips in clothing and accessories? Here’s how it will work. You see someone sporting something you just have to have… You’ll be able to scan it with your mobile device and find out who makes it, where to buy it and (in high end fashion cases) if it’s fake.
    This will also serve as a new way for fashion bloggers to link and monetize. We’d be like walking, talking blog posts. Buyers of these products can decide if they want the chips activated or not. Thus eliminating the Big Brother fear.
    As odd as it may sound I’m all for something like this.