Nadia Aboulhosn Disproves Most Fashion ‘Rules’ With Her Stunning Boohoo Collection


I've heard it said (though I never believed it) that if you're not supermodel thin, the following may be a bad idea: bodysuits, jumpsuits, crop-tops, short rompers and skin-tight dresses. Plus-size New York blogger Nadia Aboulhosn proves those assumptions 100% false with her Boohoo capsule collection, which launched yesterday. It's chock full of body-con pieces with cutouts in black, white, and an electric blue. Aboulhosn writes on her blog that she's off-the-charts excited about the collection, as she should be:

I've been waiting years for this. To be able to create something and see other people wearing it.

The blogging phenom tells she didn't wait around to be discovered by the fashion world, but was persistent about reaching out to brands.

(It was) a lot of hard work and persistence. I'd blog three to four times a week, reach out to brands so they'd hear about me. I was contacted by Seventeen Magazine to model for them and of course agreed. Then I won American Apparel's model search and just kept up putting myself out there. It was a long process but worth it.

And her advice for other plus-size women?

Keep reminding yourself you're beautiful even if you don't believe it. Focus on what you do love about yourself rather than what you don't.

After the excellent news that Target had launched a 90-piece plus collection using bloggers as lookbook models, it's great to see that the trend is continuing across the pond. Shop Aboulhosn's collection here!

[Photos via Boohoo]

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11 Responses

  1. Anastasia Nicole

    What a great story and that crop top and skirt look is the jam!

  2. Carla

    She’s beautiful and her style always seems great to me. Definitely a great representative for plus size women!

  3. Lena

    Never understood why modern society encourage obesity. This is BAD for health. Why don’t encourage drug addicted or alcoholics? Same stuff. Obese ppl have food, mostly sugar addiction. And you guys only encourage them in their addiction.

  4. Gracious Store

    The great ones are those who defy the common beliefs and thought patterns and make the change they think they should make. That is exactly what Nadia has done with her collections.

    Nadia bravo!

  5. Yurkstyle

    Girlfriend looks beautiful. And worked so hard to earn this success. Good for her! Always so proud of my fellow bloggers <3