Incorporating Some Do-Goodery Into Your Fashion Blog


Fashion blogging by nature is a pretty self-centered undertaking. By definition, it's all about me (or you), all the time. Or at least most of the time. And that's O.K., because that's why your readers are coming to your blog. They want to be inspired by your style, your personality, and your creativity. But (and you knew there was a but), don't you get tired of talking about yourself sometimes? I know I do. It happens to even the most self-involved among us.

So when I received an email from mesothelioma survivor Heather Von St. James earlier this week, she had my full attention. Her message was not about a new style of denim or the 70s trend for spring, but something more serious:

My name is Heather and I am a mother, and 9 year survivor of malignant pleural mesothelioma. This type of cancer is completely preventable and caused only by exposure to asbestos. This April 1st through 7th is Asbestos Awareness Week, and I am spreading awareness of this deadly mineral. Unfortunately, it still lives in our homes, schools and commercial buildings, and I would love your support sharing some information on it.

I'm also a mom, and that's part of my identity that I often share on my blog. Why would I not want to share her story, and raise awareness about the dangers of asbestos?

If you're not a mom, or a message like that would seem out of place on your site for whatever reason, there are plenty of other good causes you could write about. Dress for Success, for example, is an easy one. It's an organization that helps disadvantaged women gain economic independence by providing professional attire and support. Find out when their next event might be in your area and see how you can get involved, perhaps by co-sponsoring it, providing styling tips, and/or promoting the event.

Just last week, Krystal Bick of This Time Tomorrow promoted No Kid Hungry, along with San Francisco's Taste of the Nation on her Instagram and Facebook feeds, to help end child hunger in the United States. Taste of the Nation is an event that features bites from SF's best restaurants—a perfect event for getting dressed up, right? It's a win-win. For those of you in L.A. and Orange County, a Taste of the Nation events are coming up in May and June, respectively.

If you live in large-ish city, there are plenty of galas, benefits and other money-raising events you can incorporate into your blog. If you live in a smaller locale it might be tougher—but perhaps you could spearhead your own philanthropic event. It's certainly possible to find a way to incorporate some do-goodery into your blog. You'll likely gain some fans, and I promise it will feel good.

What good cause will you promote on your blog?

[Photo via This Time Tomorrow]

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  1. Mama In Heels

    In addition to writing/talking about myself all the time for the past couple years, I have promoted a few good causes on my blog like Until There’s a Cure, The Stitch, NC4K, Made by Survivors, Children’s Hospitals National Foundation, and more. I don’t think it’s enough. I’m looking to promote more.

  2. Hannah

    this is really an amazing idea, will start doing this as well <3

    Hannah Makeup Artist

  3. Munachi

    This is reassuring 🙂 Just yesterday I decided to publish a post about the organization To Write Love On Her Arms which is a non-profit that financially and emotionally supports people who struggle with self-harm, drug abuse, and depression. I wanted the focus to be about one of the prints that I really wanted that is available on the TWLOHA website and that the best way that some of us can help a good cause is by doing what we do best: shopping! Buying merchandise is still supporting the causes you care about especially if the merchandise doesn’t all have the organization’s name or the issues they deal with on every single piece. Hopefully I didn’t “scare some people off” once I mentioned drug abuse, self-harm, or depression so that they were able to stick around to see that something as simple as an inspirational quote hanging on your wall can support a very important organization.

  4. McKenzie Truman

    For the longest time, I knew it just wasn’t “me” to be talking about what I’m wearing and how much I loooove something. I started incorporating posts and advice from my life experiences for finding peace, bettering yourself, and building confidence which I really think helped my blog-called Wise Soul-fit its name. Even though I’m not currently working with organizations, I’m trying to be genuine in my blogging style and trying to uplift and influence for good, not just for taste in clothes.

    Thanks for sharing this post! I think it’s something we all could use within our blogs to bring authenticity and well-roundedness into our brand.

  5. Raivyn dK

    For the past year or so, I’ve been promoting Fibromyalgia awareness. It can be a very debilitating condition for some of us, and unfortunately, there just isn’t enough bluntly-honest information about what it’s like to live with it online… so I’m trying to fill that gap. 🙂 It’s very important to me.

    <3 K

  6. Jamee Miller

    I started a campaign called Blogging For Endometriosis Awareness that runs through the month of March and we just finished up our 4th annual campaign! I love being able to use my voice combined with other bloggers to make a difference! We have just decided to make it a year round campaign!

  7. Zuma

    Prior to changing my blog to Splash of Teal, I have been open about my youngest son having Autism and the Importance of Early Intervention. I am now re-introducing myself on Splash of Teal and soon will be talking about Autism again! If everyone stays quiet, people will struggle trying to reinvent the wheel over and over again! Thank you for this post, Kristen! Zuma