Fashionista Editor: How Bloggers Are Better for Brands Than Big-Traffic Websites

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Journalist Macala Wright sat down with for a video interview with Fashionista editor-at-large Lauren Sherman, and she had some interesting things to say about the current state—and the future of—fashion blogging. Specifically: bloggers are much better at moving product than sites with hundreds of thousands more pageviews.

The bigger the website, the harder it is to drive sales, because people are usually coming to bigger sites for news, and they're not necessarily shopping through those stories.

That's not to say that it's smooth sailing for style bloggers. The landscape is quickly shifting beneath our feet, and keeping up with change is essential. Specifically, bloggers need to pay attention to where their audience is most engaged. Says Sherman:

A lot of bloggers have had to think: … ‘Where is my audience?' They're not maybe coming to my blog anymore, they're maybe just going onto Instagram or checking out my Twitter or possibly my Facebook. How do I engage my audience on those platforms and how do I drive revenue?'

This dynamic, Serman says, is creating micro-audiences that may be small, but are powerful. And it might explain why many content creators are calling Instagram their blog. Blogger communities (including Collectively and Mode, which we've discussed) are tapping into that goldmine.

Maybe instead of investing your entire digital marketing budget on 5 bloggers investing it on 500 of these micro-influencers who maybe have a great following on a niche social platform.

So while bloggers are in a great position, we need to be diligent about tracking our changing audiences and tailor our approach to audiences and brand partners accordingly. As Sherman points out, the competition is tougher than ever.

Watch the entire video below:

Correction: Lauren Sherman's title at Fashionista is editor-at-large, not editor-in-chief, as stated in a previous version of this post.

What changes have you noticed in your audiences? How have you tailored your content in response? Do tell in the comments!

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  1. tia

    I think she is right, the penetration bloggers enjoy has increased!
    Off the topic, a brand asked me to “send in my commercial”
    What exactly does that mean, help please!

    • Kristen Philipkoski

      Hah, what a weird request! Your guess is as good as mine! 🙂

  2. Gracious Store

    Brands seek for bloggers who will give human face to the adverts of their products with hope of luring the blog visitors to their site

  3. rohit

    great work it gives face to all human being adverts of their products with a hope luring blogs!!!!
    i also want you to fing great stuff at best result near Delhi-NCR…..
    thanks for your work

  4. chantelle pidgley

    Yes the blogging world is expanding ,Great for sharng this i enjoyed watching as I am thinking to open a shop soon xxx

  5. Mowo

    I really think bloggers are the new advertisers for new and existing brands. They get a lot of exposure by collaborating with bloggers because consumers can identify themselves with the bloggers or because they admire them. A brand can become incredibly successful by getting in touch with the right blogger who somehow can be their humanitarian and down to earth promoter. Also advertising through bloggers are way cheaper than let’s say magazines and you get a real life person who you can put a face on to share your brand. It’s so smart.

    xx mowo

  6. Anastasia

    Well-engaged micro audience is waaaaay better than 500k followers half of which are made up by spam accounts and instagram shops! So in the end the quality is more important than the quantity.