Why Plus Fashion Blogger Jessica Kane Is not Brave

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What is brave?

A family battling tragic illness, a mother trying to beat addiction, a person trying to break free of domestic violence, reaching out for help when you have already planned your suicide and feel like you can't breath one more day. THAT is brave. Not wearing a swimsuit at the beach.

Point taken, Jessica Kane of Life & Style of Jessica Kane. And extremely well said (read more here).

The word “brave” does seem to be overused when it comes to standing up to social constructs. Anne Hathaway said as much in her 2008 speech accepting an award from the Human Rights Campaign. “I'm not being brave, I'm being a decent human being,” she said of loving and supporting her brother, who is gay.

Can't we all learn from this, if not bravery, let's call it elevated social intelligence? It shouldn't feel brave to love your sibling or go to the beach in a bathing suit. Those things should be 100% normal, because they are.

If not brave, Jessica Kane is a force to be reckoned with, and on her way to a successful career in fashion. In fact, she just landed a gig as creative director at plus-size fashion brand Cool Gal Blue. Go Jessica!

[Photo via Life & Style of Jessica Kane]

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14 Responses

  1. Brooke

    You’ve made a good point here. Accepting others and yourself should be 100% normal everyday attitudes.

  2. Melissa

    I get it, but to some people (including me) going out to a public beach in a bath suit would require some level of bravery or strength. There are people who attempt suicide because they have been made fun of for the way they look and find it hard to be confident in who they are. And seeing more and more plus size women doing it does help to inspire and build strength for other women. Also the reality is there is often times when plus size bloggers receive a lot of negative comments and feedback from doing this. So I agree it would be nice to live in a world where this is not at all an issue. Where we all love ourselves and our bodies and we are all excepting of others and who they are. But until that time I am thankful to women who are taking a stand in this way and encouraging other women to love themselves.


  3. Nancy

    A family battling terminal illness- that’s brave. People need to realize what’s really important before life teaches them the hard way…

  4. Melody

    I have to respectfully disagree. Of course bravery comes in many and often more extreme forms. However, hating the body that you’re in can lead to an array damaging results, ranging from drug use to suicide.
    Having the courage to let others see you loving yourself “out loud” can be a very brave move indeed!


  5. Natalia | Fashioned by Love

    What the girl did is called “confidence”. The word “bravery” is tossed around a lot these days to the point when it becomes pointless. x

  6. Katy Amezcua

    I kind of see both sides to this. I think for how our world is today, it can be very brave for someone to be confident enough with their body to let everyone see it! Although it should be totally normal and everyone should feel happy with themselves, times have changed and it’s not so easy for everyone anymore. I think for someone who isn’t comfortable with themselves but went out of their comfort zone, that’s very brave! I hope we can get to a point where it’s just normal. 🙂

    xo, Katy

  7. Ari Mann

    Its’ crazy how something so simple as supporting your family or wearing a bathing suit is looked at as brave but for a very just reason. Society has made it difficult to go against the norm without being badmouthed or bullied. We’ve already seen how there is a shift with plus-size models, women showing off their stretch marks, etc. Even celebrities willingly showing their photos before they’re photo-shopped. I think Jessica is contributing in this shift and its a wonderful thing. We as women and men need to learn to accept and love our bodies. I know I suffer from this constantly and it’s a work in process. I love how Jessica is embracing and flaunting her body and the comparison to extreme acts of bravery puts wearing a bikini on the beach a doable task!
    Xo, Ari

  8. DressCode:HighFashion

    I think we, who dedicate our time to blogging about beauty, fashion and the way people look, are not in the position to point fingers. IF we only cared about the “existencial issues of life” we`d spend our time volunteering in homeless shelters etc.

    Being in my 30s now, I HAVE experienced some serious hardships of life. But I also remember how terribly it hurts to be picked on for your weight. I lost a lot of it and when I started my blog years ago I also had a section with my own looks. I stopped posting pictures of myself because of the haters comments saying I “had to lose some weight before I could be a fashion blogger” – and I`m a size SMALL!

    Having experienced that I say: Kudos to every big girl that goes to the beach and even posts pictures of it!

    PS: Posting bathing-suit photos of yourself in your blog doesn`t mean you`re not dealing with “more serious issues” in your life as well.

  9. Faith Bowman

    I think that BRAVERY would be losing that massive amount f unhealthy weight. Those women are all morbidly obese, and no amount of standing around in bathing suits is gonna change that.

    I think it would be braver to look at oneself objectively, list all the health risks that come with being that overweight (diabetes, hypertension, etc) and realistically keep asking yourself if being that overweight shows self-love or self-loathing.

    I gained 30lbs last year- I even saw cellulite on my calves, which shocked me- because I started baking a lot. This year I am using my blog to show readers that I am just like them in embracing a healthier lifestyle, falling off the wagon, getting back on, and sweating it out to be fitter and live longer. And I’m doing it for all the people who inspire me to live a healthier life, even if they don’t know I exist.
    To throw so many people’s efforts to be thin, fit, healthy and overcome obesity is horrible. From the First Lady on down, people are FIGHTING obesity because it costs our healthcare system so much money. It’s also wasteful to eat so much when others starve and go without.

    The trend towards bigger blogger worries me, because It may cause people to give up on their goals and justify that by using like Jessica Kane as an excuse.

    BRAVERY is helping someone fight past food addiction and the slavery of overeating- not enabling that.

    Faith Bowman

  10. Aria

    Grats to these girls. Being brave comes on many levels and tackling insecurities can make them depressed and down so……THESE GIRLS ARE BRAVE

  11. Whimsy Soul

    I grew up with severe eczema and I promise you it took a lot of bravery to wear short sleeves and shorts to school (all the kids thought I had lupus or some other gross illness and would tease me ruthlessly) When some part of your body is out of the society’s norm, it does take a lot of bravery to be yourself until you learn that being you is fine. Bravery turns into confidence, but is bravery none the less.