Introducing IFB’s Education Partner: Blogger Babes


It has always been a priority of IFB to offer consistent, current and case-study-driven educational resources for fashion bloggers. In keeping with this mission, we are excited to announce our new blogger education partner: Blogger Babes.

Blogger Education Column: Every Monday

Blogger Babes co-founder and managing partner Ponn Sabra will write a column each Monday at IFB discussing the best ways for bloggers to increase their audience, brand awareness, social media following, and income. Ponn is a best selling author and professional blogger since 2005, and she was Entrepreneur magazine’s networking columnist for their Women Entrepreneur Website. Heidi Nazarudin, co-founder and president of Blogger Babes and fashion blogger at The Ambitionista, will also contribute research-driven blogger tutorials.

blogger babes

IFB member discount: Blogger Babes Blogger Building Blocks

The Blogger Babes’ Blogger Building Blocks is a monthly subscription, theme-based digital kit with training resources for fashion, beauty and lifestyle bloggers. It includes tutorials, tips and tricks, guides, worksheets, calendars, checklists, and resource directories. Blogger Building Blocks will become available to the public on May 1, 2015.

But IFB members can get in early: subscribe to Blogger Building Blocks now for a limited time at nearly half-price at only $5 per month. Subscribe here, and take your blog to the next level!

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15 Responses

  1. Brooke

    Interested to see what advice the posts have in store on Mondays! I have lots of interests, so I definitely need some advice on narrowing my content or connecting my ideas together.

    • Ponn Sabra

      Hi Brooke.
      I look forward to writing this column too, and a big focus will be writing unique content from the perspective of an authority blogger in your niche. So, the first step would be narrowing your content that reflects your passions that is profitable. Feel free to ask any questions you may have.

    • Ponn Sabra

      Hi Heather and Melissa.

      We’re eager to help out as much as we can, so please feel free to share any questions and hopefully we can address them in our upcoming column!

      Blog on! 🙂

    • IFB Staff


      The product isn’t available yet – but if you get on the list you will be able to buy it for the IFB rate of $5 starting Friday.

  2. Melody Sours

    Yay! I’m always looking to educate myself on ways to grow in the crazy-fun world of fashion blogging. I can’t wait to see what these columnist bring!


    • Ponn Sabra

      Hi Melody!

      We hope to bring you the most tried and true methods (as well as current ones we’re trying) to help establish yourself as an authority blogger in your sub-niche of fashion blogging!

  3. The Glam Pages

    I just wanted to say that Heidi is the real deal I took her blogger babes beginning blogging course and got tons of information to help me with my blog.

    • Ponn Sabra

      Hi The Glam Pages.

      Thank you so much for acknowledging Heidi and our work at Blogger Babes. We’re very honored to be a part of IFB!

  4. caroline

    Excited to read these! I’ve been working on streamlining my posts and all tips are welcome.

  5. Shian

    Also extremely excited, just purchased yesterday! However, I’m still a little fuzzy on the access. I’m trying to find all of the articles, tips, etc. referenced for those enrolled in the Building Blocks program, and so far all I can access is the Ultimate Blogging Binder. Everything else is asking me to sign up/pay for access on the site. Am I missing some easy/crucial tab or something silly? Thanks!