Re-Branding Your Blog: When It’s Worth It; What to Do


Do you hate your blog? Does it annoy you, and are you kind of just… sick of it? Your natural instinct may be to abandon it, but why not instead resuscitate it with a minor or even major re-branding effort? Blogging can certainly zap a lot of time and energy, and you might as well be doing something you are proud of and LOVE. The comprises and sacrifices that you make for it won't feel like such, if you've landed on the right balance of what is innately you.

What kind of Re-Branding Do You Need?

If you've reached what feels like a burn out point, or look at your blog and feel it's not properly representative of you, then it's time to go back to the drawing board and give it a revamp. You may want to do a visual refresh, still maintaining your brand's original mission statement, or overhaul the content direction, or both. It doesn't hurt to drop your homepage, or other pages of the blog as screenshots into a photo editing software and point to/mark it up with the things you'd like to change. If you end up working with a graphic designer, this may make it easier for him or her to know exactly what you'd like to rework.

What annoys you the most?

The first step is figuring out what is working for you, and what you absolutely dread doing. I would recommend breaking it up into categories like content, design, and social media, to further get to the heart of the matter, and write what makes you cringe when you think about it. Some things, regardless of your design or content won't be able to be changed, like checking off categories or entering tags, but other elements can be put into place, like plugins or new navigation, that may simplify and shorten doing those things that irritate you.

Don't Be Hard on Yourself About Changing

“Ugh, I was so stupid to pick that blog name! What was I thinking?!? Why did I pigeon hole myself with that slogan?! Look how crappy my pictures are!!” Acknowledge what you'd like to modify or totally overhaul, but don't beat yourself up about it. Given where you were in your life then, and what you knew, you made the right decision. And now, with more information and perspective, you can make the right move for you and your blog—one that feels right for now. Remember that if you find new interests or drifting in yet another direction after another year or so, again, don't be so hard on yourself and explore what this new interest may feel like, and have to offer, from a blogging point of view.

Call in Some Help

It's super duper easy to become biased, and trapped in seeing your blog just from one perspective, as much as you'd like to think you are being open minded and objective about it. When push comes to shove, the actual re-branding may require some help, via constructive criticism either from a paid professional, your friends, family, and even readers to bring to your attention what you might be overlooking. You can offer your readers some courtesy products or some kind of other alluring incentive to lend you their two cents, and you can gather information by sending out a free Survey Monkey questionnaire. Don't be afraid of what they may say, as you're already in the right mindset to become aware of what may need to be fixed or enhanced anyway!

Have you gone through a re-branding? What was it like? Please share!

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8 Responses

  1. Spela

    I just re-launched my blog, changed design and even name. I felt like I outgrew the previous concept, so I changed it to something that feels more me. It took me a while to admit that it wasn’t working anymore, but now I’m happily blogging again. It was totally worth it!

  2. Ronlet Lovejoy

    I definitely think ever so often its a good idea to redesign. I just redesign my blog myself. It makes it more refreshing ya know like i’m excited to blog again. Maybe share your thoughts! xx

  3. Gracious Store

    I think t is a good idea to often and then give your blog/website a new look, it helps to freshen things about and helps you stay refreshed and re-energized to continue what you know how to do best. You don’t have to wait until the site bores you down before you think of re-designing it.

  4. Niki Cleland-Hura

    About nine months ago, I changed the name of my blog. Two months ago, I completely redid the design. I’m so much happier with it now! I’ll probably continue to make subtle changes; after all, there’s no reason why, just because you chose something, you can’t change your mind. Thanks for reminding us with this post!

    <3 Niki (

  5. Jeanine Marie

    I need to work on creating better content. Talking about myself and my journey isn’t easy for me. I am happy with the design of my blog but an updated about me page is definitely needed.

    Jeanine Marie

  6. Onianwah

    I recently rebranded my blog. I wasn’t tired of the old one really and its similar to the old one. I just felt that I needed something new. It took me about 2 weeks to get it under control but I’ve done it and I’m happy about it.
    One thing it has made me do though is concentrate on my pictures a lot. It’s a nice, clean, fresh design now and needs to be complimented.

    Lagos, Nigeria

  7. Melody Sours

    Things turned around for my blog when I recently started asking myself this question… What are my readers getting out of this? It sounds simple enough but so many times in the past, I’d find myself slapping up posts with things that worked for ME. They were filled with MY favorites etc.
    Gearing towards the needs of my readers shed new light on just about every aspect of my blog. I hired someone to help make my site prettier. My pages are easier to navigate and just about every post is shared to help someone’s life easier. It’s the best mind set to have while re-branding.