Meet Style by Silvia, Kenya’s Top Blog in Every Category


As someone who edits a website for fashion bloggers, I tend to equate the word “blogger” with my own kind. And then I click on something like MzAlendo and am surprised to find a blog about African politics, not a style blog full of outfits from a sassy woman named Ms. Alendo.

But everyone knows there are thousands of types of blogs, and that's one reason I was so excited to see that the Bloggers Association of Kenya named Style by Silvia by Siliva Njoki the best blog in the country out of more than 1,800 submissions across all categories—not just fashion blogs.

Screen Shot 2015-05-06 at 8.37.36 AM

It's easy to see why. Her style is gorgeous, she has a ridiculously adorable (and equally stylish) toddler, and her photographs are stunning. Her posts are well-written, frequent and creative, including DIY and series like “10 Pieces, 30 Ways.” And at the moment she has aqua-blue dreads.

Style by Silvia beat out politics blog MzAlendo, entertainment site ghafla, sports blog MichezoAfrika (sports) and tech site Techmoran. Last year's winner, Biko Zulu, retained its title as the best creative writing blog.

Style by Silvia is a living recipe for a successful fashion blog. Congratulations, Silvia, well done!

[Photos via Style by Silvia]

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14 Responses

  1. Lauren

    Great article! It’s always great to see different style around the world! African fashion blogs in particular are so great to follow because of their sense of style when it comes to wearing unique prints and colors. I’ve featured Style by Silvia on my Instagram. She has great style!

  2. Santina

    Silvia is one of my favorite fashion bloggers,being Kenyan i am very proud of her win she deserved it.

  3. Onianwah

    O waoh, just reading about here now. Only knew thisisess. Im on her site and she is more laidback and less editorial. What I like to call ‘relatable’, kind of like my style too actually.
    Big congratulations to her I daresay, congratulations are definitely in order Silvia.

    Lagos, Nigeria