The Democratization of Fashion will not be Televised (but It will be Instagrammed)

Everyone said bloggers democratized fashion when they began infiltrating fashion week events around the globe. And we all started feeling like it might actually be true. Anyone could attend a runway show! Beautiful, designer clothing for the masses was the future.

But fashion brands thrive on exclusivity, and their designers and business folks are always looking for ways to up the ante. Mission accomplished: the Louis Vuitton cruise show at Bob Hope's glamorous former residence injected a therapeutic dose of aspiration right back into the fashion world. Grimes, Michelle Williams, and Miranda Kerr rubbed elbows with Nicholas Ghesquière and his models and 500 of their closest friends for an exhibit of dresses (most of them long), leather jackets (cropped), bags (small-ish and mostly free of the famous  monogram) and more that traveled around the late comedian's  swimming pool.


In what seems to be a fast-growing trend, Raf Simons' staged his Dior cruise collection at the crazy-futuristic Pierre Cardin bubble palace on the French Riviera, and Karl Lagerfeld invited guests to Seoul for his cruise presentation.

If the masses flock to haute designers, the haute designers will escape to far-flung locales.

kanye suzy

But that's OK. We always need to dream, right? Let Kanye and Charlotte and Selena have their front row seats around the pool. Luckily they all have Instagram accounts, and we can follow along. We'll still be inspired—and set sights on an invitation next year.

[Photos via ChicGirlsBoysCreativesWorldSuzy Menkes on Instagram]

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  1. Melody

    I love to catch fashion shows on YouTube. It’s a Sunday favorite pass time for me. You can see the beautiful movement of clothes and sometimes catch an interview with the designer afterwards. Of course Instagram posts are more of the moment and I use them as bookmarks for what to ogle later on the Tube!