The Latest Viral Fashion Blogger Is Shattering Expectations and Stereotypes

maddy bikini

She may be one of those new-fangled fashion bloggers without an actual blog, but she's got all the trappings of one: daily outfit photos, documentation of her weight-loss journey, a brand collaboration, and plenty of selfies, and a rapidly growing Instagram audience (15k and counting).


Her name is Madeline Stuart, she's 18-years-old, lives in Brisbane, Australia, and has Down syndrome. Her mother recently documented Maddy's weigh loss, which she wanted to achieve so she could do handstands and cartwheels. That led to the teen losing more than 40 pounds. Her mom a posted  before-and-after photo on Facebook and it got more than 100,000 likes in 48 hours.

The social media frenzy led to a collaboration with clothing brand Living Dead, which promotes self confidence and self acceptance among young women.

living dead

A blog called Parker Myles, written by a woman with a toddler who has Down syndrome, has been documenting Maddy's story. She quoted Maddy's mother saying the teen is not obsessed with her looks, but lost weight to be healthy and active through dance, swimming and cheerleading.

She does not care how she looks—she is not at all consumed with her looks. But she DOES care that she can run around all the time now feeling great.

Maddy's mom hopes her daughter's confidence and joy can help society keep an open mind when it comes to people Down syndrome. She writes on her Facebook page:

…modelling will help change society's view of people with Down syndrome. Exposure will help to create acceptance in life.

Maddy looks amazing and is such an inspiration. Plus, she definitely seems to have a knack for modeling. We wish her major success!

[Photos via Maddy's Facebook page]


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8 Responses

  1. Bike Pretty

    That is a great story! It’s clear that people really want to hear stories and see faces outside of the narrow beauty standards that advertisers have been pushing down our throats for so long.

    Kinda gives me faith in humanity, you know?

  2. Jeanine Marie

    It is very uplifting to read a sucess stories like hers. I hope it inspires to the best you can be.

    Jeanine Marie