16 Ways to Create Email Content Your Subscribers Will Love

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Welcome to our weekly column by Blogger Babes co-founder Ponn Sabra. Check back every Monday [We published on Tuesday this week due to the Memorial Day holiday!] for the tips and tricks you need to take your blog to the next level!

 As a follow up to 17 Reasons Why an Email List Is Crucial for Your Fashion Blog, I wanted to share some tips on how to create emails your subscribers will actually open.

Three categories of emails:

  • Transactional email—usually triggered by something your subscriber did, such as an order confirmation, opting-in to your irresistible style guide, or sending a contact form message.
  • Direct email—usually sent directly to a list to communicate a promotional message, such as an announcement for a special offer like a discount code for your current brand collaboration, or rebranding news.
  • Newsletter email—direct emails sent out on a regular basis to a list of subscribers. The primary purpose is to build a relationship between you and the recipient. For example, we send our Blogger Babes newsletter every Friday.

No matter what kind, they all need to be compelling.


Make sure your email includes:

  • A compelling subject line
  • 1-2 key ideas or central themes
  • At least one clear call-to-action
  • Relevance to the audience

Aren’t you curious what types of content your subscribers love? Does it seem like your subscribers open only certain types of emails? Here’s a list of some of the most popular types of email content your subscribers will love. Always be sure to provide them with value they can use.

  • Tip sheets that answer some of your most frequently asked questions
  • How-to videos. Readers love receiving short videos demonstrating how to use a product or software.
  • Blog summaries or highlights. These appeal especially to new subscribers, because it gives them a chance to catch up with what’s going on with your blog.
  • Your top product picks, for insider information on what you recommend or use in your own business.
  • Case studies, for a real-world look at how your product or service helped you or someone else.
  • Lists are one of the quickest and easiest types of content to create, and subscribers love them because they're easy to quickly scan.
  • Stories are one of the best ways to build a relationship with your readers, and most people are interested in what happens in your life, as well as your business.
  • Contests are fans’ favorite! Having subscribers share ideas, stories, or complete in something gets them involved.

Sending the type of content your customers love to read is the best way to get them to open your emails. This is a short list of the many types you can create.

One of the best ways to know what your subscribers like is to ask them.

Take a formal poll or survey by using our favorite plugin Formidable Forms (there's a free version, but I used the premium version for years, and the Blogger Babes directory is built using it, so it's very versatile).

You can even ask them to reply directly to you in the email (in your PS, for example) which is one of our favorite marketing tactics.

Lastly, don’t forget to look at your analytics. Data will show you which emails are read so you can create more like them. Make it a priority to evaluate your open rates and click-through success.

16 Easy Ways to Generate Content Ideas

Many times, bloggers stare at a blank page questioning what they will send their list because they fear they’ll never be able to connect with their subscribers. Worry no longer! We've compiled a list of ideas that will help you create stellar content.

  • What's New. Highlight what’s currently happening on your blog. Talk about new awards received, places you plan to speak or attend, or projects your audience finds interesting.
  • Current Events. Comment on the latest in the world in relation to your niche. Show how it relates to your blog and your readers. Give your perspective or opinion on it.
  • Share Your Favorites. These could be your favorite books, websites, designers, or movies relevant and valuable to your niche.
  • Take a Poll. Get people’s opinions on a specific topic.
  • Ask Questions. Have readers to respond to questions, and create a dialogue with them.
  • Showcase a Blog Guest Author. Invite relevant and interesting bloggers to be guest authors on your blog, and share the news with your email list.
  • Create Top 5, 7, or 10 Lists. Write a top list of things your readers should know about your niche. Give your opinion about each one.
  • Create 3 Ways or 12 Ways Lists. This is similar to number 7, with a twist. For example, “7 Myths About _______.”
  • Share How-To Content. Show your customers how you use a product or software to enhance your blog.
  • Educate. Send out an in-depth educational series on a topic.
  • Share Worksheets and Checklists. Worksheets let your customers work out problems, while a checklist can guide them through a project.
  • Share Resources. Give your readers links to resources you use regularly in your own niche.
  • Send a Video. Share videos of things you do, people talking about you, or anything entertaining you may have created.
  • Interview Someone. Interview a prominent person related to your blog's topic. Record it and share it with your subscribers.
  • Share Important Lessons. Write up highlights of a seminar, workshop, or event you attended.
  • Share Exclusive Information. We believe this is one reason our Blogger Babes email list saw so much success in such a short period of time. We shared our exclusive brand-to-blogger opportunities with our subscribers privately instead of publicly on the blog itself.

These are our top ideas to help you create compelling content your email subscribers will love to read. What has worked for you? We'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments!

This column is an excerpt from the BB eGuide 3: Turn Your Blog Readers Into Community Members.

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