Four Ways to Honor Father’s Day on Your Fashion Blog


Fashion and Father's Day might not seem to go hand in hand, but I'm convinced there's a way to make fashion relevant to nearly any topic. And it turns out Father's Day is one of the easier ones. Here are four ideas on ways to honor your dad and create some compelling content for your blog in celebration of dad's special day.

1. What to buy for dad for Father's Day

This is the low-hanging fruit, but we all know dad's are notoriously difficult to buy for—so it could actually be a harder post than you think. Organize your list by types of dads (the sports fan, the stylish one, the chef, etc.), or just come up with a list of original gifts to help your readers out at this difficult gift-giving time.

2. Memory lane

My sister-in-law recently told me her father used to braid her hair every night before bed. What a sweet memory, and a perfect approach for a Father's Day fashion blog post. Do you have a memory of your dad that in any way relates to clothing (maybe you wore a t-shirt of his on the regular, or perhaps he bought you a treasured piece)? That's Father's Day fashion blog gold right there.

3. The best gift ever

We've established that dad is tough to buy for, but there are those times when you really nail it and boy is that a proud moment. Toot your own horn and inspire your readers with your success by telling the story of why that particular gift was so meaningful. Bonus points if dad got teary.

4. Any special dad will do

A Father's Day post doesn't have to be about your own dad. If you've got a husband who's kicking butt at the fathering thing, make a list of all the awesome ways you appreciate his mad dad skills. Or perhaps you have an uncle, cousin, or maybe just a father figure who you'd like to honor. Extra credit if you can somehow make a connection to fashion—but even a fashion blog can divert from its main topic now and then—I promise you won't get demerits.

We'd love to hear about father-focused blog posts that have been successful on your blog! What are your Father's Day blogging plans?

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  1. Josie

    I asked on my OMF Facebook page yesterday “What trait do you carry on from your father?” It generated a lot of response and was lovely to read!