The Only Monetization Platform That Rewards Your Followers

The following post is brought to you by Glamhive, a social media platform for everyday fashionistas to share, shop, and monetize their style.

How are you differentiating your style blog from the flock? Why would a reader be inclined to revisit your blog and shop your recommendations? What's in it for them? 

Glamhive has the answer for you. It has created the first loyalty and monetization platform that compensates you for posting photos and those (your readers and followers) who shop your looks. Now you can offer more to your devotees than just style tips, you can offer them rewards too.

Glamhive recently launched a new mobile app and website that provide a fashion and style destination for shopping and sharing style photos. The platform allows you to effortlessly add product images and links to your looks from over 600 retailers and share those tagged looks to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.

When you tag and share a look through Glamhive, and anyone shops that look, all parties benefit including you, the poster, and the person shopping your look. You will both earn points for everything that is purchased, not just the recommended item that triggered the original click. Points are redeemable through Glamhive for gift cards from over 60 top fashion brands and retailers including Zara, ASOS and Nordstrom.

The platform is gaining momentum, as up and coming style bloggers, anxious to offer something new and beneficial to their followers, sign up. The “everyone wins” approach resonates, as more readers recognize the value that they bring to the blogger/follower relationship.

“The Blogosphere is starting to feel inauthentic. I notice most posts seem only to link products that are expensive, I imagine so the blogger can earn a higher commission. I believe bloggers deserve something. As someone who gets inspired by and shops from my favorite bloggers, I love that I can do the same on Glamhive only in a way that's more collaborative and  fun. I think Glamhive is really on to something here!” – Christa Hubbell, Glamhive Member



A social networking platform designed with your needs in mind

Bloggers who have built their audiences on the major social networks are being cut out of the monetization equation.

In February, Pinterest unilaterally pulled all affiliate links and Instagram just announced it is adding a buy button. While these networks have been great channels for building followers, it is becoming increasingly difficult to leverage them as monetization channels. The networks have made it clear that they will cut out individual content creators and form alliances directly with brands.

“I expect to see a shift in how people interact with this kind of content as people get savvier about the value they are creating…The people who power this should get something for participating and on Glamhive, they do,” states Gisella Walter, Founder.

Glamhive: The next destination for fashion

“We've created a place for women to get rewarded for sharing and shopping great style,” states Gisella. “Our platform is for everyone who loves fashion. Anyone can join and post, or just shop…and,why not? On Glamhive, you get rewarded for doing both! What do you get for posting or shopping on Pinterest or Instagram?”

Check out or the Glamhive App in iTunes. You'll earn 100 points for every referral, and 25 points for every post you share!


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13 Responses

  1. Donna

    Very interesting as I have tried to use a few “shop” apps and I could never get the integration to work. I am in hopes when I post an outfit it assists with choosing a similar look. Since my blog is mainly about sewing..

  2. ithestylist

    Never heard of this app either. Have just started using but I will check this one out now too. Out of interest has anyone tried Comb or Shopa yet? I can’t keep up 🙂

  3. Annie

    Okay, I am not sure how I found this article, but it is life changing. I have been trying to figure out a discount or rewards program to offer my readers to incentivize them to shop at a shoptiques boutique, and I finally found my answer! THANK YOU!
    xo Annie