Male Bloggers: This Is What Old Navy Thinks You Wear (or Should)

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Old Navy has a new collection available called “Blogger Looks” in its men's department. Items include “joggers” that are a fleece shy of being actual sweatpants, what with their elasticized ankle openings and elastic/drawstring waist—and their 100% cotton construction would apparently provide sweatpants-like comfort for a work-from-the-couch blogger.

Screen Shot 2015-06-24 at 1.37.49 PM

The slip-on shoes seem appropriate for quick trips to the corner store, and you can't really go wrong with tees, pullovers and button-up shirts.

Actually, if it weren't for the straw fedora, I might be convinced that Old Navy thinks bloggers just dress like normal people.

So, guys, what do you think? Did Old Navy get it right? Is this a blogger-worthy collection of garments?

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16 Responses

  1. N'war

    Well, if stay-at-home male blogger maybe. But so far, all my male blogger friends don’t wear these styles when attending events. Even the most lazy and casual events.

  2. Understated Clothing

    I agree with Carmen. It looks like resort wear for a college frat boy. Old Navy should have considered doing a collaboration with some male style bloggers.

  3. Alok kumar

    Old navy wear suited for our home and for travelling and also consider attire for sea side areas when we attending their party with our friends.

  4. Levitate Style

    For the weekend/road trip summer style I would wear most of these except for the joggers.

    It’s not a “Blogger Look” really since everyone has such different styles and I agree this is not something people wear to events but Old Navy is limited in their products

  5. We Are Ready Made (W.A.R.M.)

    As male fashion bloggers, this is so so reductive to think that we dress this way! This selection is good for men who love classical as well as comfortable garments. As male fashion bloggers, we are always trying to push the envelope, to go beyond the clichés, the trends that we should adopt only because we’re men. We are not saying we’re right and that every male fashion blogger should dress that way (oh no!) but this “Blogger Look” is so sad. Maybe they should look around and find something bolder, something less boring. They could start, for instance, with our blog ^^

  6. Gracious Store

    These are more of casual wears “street and home clothes” than any formal wear. I guess male bloggers need some formal wears or at least simple and yet more presentable clothes for events and other functions