Your Shutterstock Subscription Just Got Even More Amazing


Photo via Shutterstock

You may have noticed that we use a lot of Shutterstock images here at IFB. I don't think a story topic exists that can't be illustrated with Shutterstock—sometimes creatively, sometimes amazingly accurately, and sometimes hilariously.

The service is about to get even better because it's launching a collaboration with Penske Media Corporation, a photo service that specializes in red carpet and gala event photography. That means you'll see a much bigger variety of photos around here. And for any of you who use Shutterstock images on your blog, it means the same for you, too.

Beginning in 2016, Shutterstock will have the exclusive worldwide rights and license to Penske’s archive, with images from 100-year-old publications Variety and WWD. That's going to be quite a bank of photos already in existence, in addition to up to the minute snaps of runway fashion show and  red carpet events.


One of the WWD photos that will be available through the partnership

And, as Variety reports, the partnership “combines the technology of one of the biggest stock-image providers in the world with PMC’s insider access and event exclusivity, establishing an innovative way of offering editorial images to media, publishing and creative businesses.”

Learn more in the video below!

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  1. Fashion Blawger

    I think this is a good post topic that should be expanded upon. I see so many blogs using photos they do not have the rights to. And while some bloggers give “credit” to the copyright owner by telling where they got the picture, such practice does not always free the blogger from liability issues that may arise from their unlawful use of someone else’s intellectual property.

    Perhaps you should have a post detailing general pricing and photo subscription services.