IFB Gets a Redesign

An All New Design

Hello, and welcome to the new IFB Design.

Today marks one of the most visible updates IFB has made in a long time, and while we're very proud of our new design, it's just the beginning of a bunch of exciting changes and updates we have on the horizon. We've been working hard behind the scenes for a few months now, and today we're very pleased to begin rolling out our new design and new content.

While we did our best to make sure we caught all the little issues and funny business, please let us know if you find anything not working, broked, or just a little wonky. Please send all feedback and bug reports to [email protected].

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14 Responses

  1. Michelle Christina

    Seems a little glitchy. Clicking on the subscribe button as well as the icon to log into my account produced no response from the site. The font is also pretty hard to read in articles. But I am happy to see larger images and congrats on a sleeker, more modern look overall! Excited to see what’s new on IFB this summer.

      • Jason Glaspey

        There were a few things we liked about the old design, but it was really really buggy itself, and while it may have worked for readers, it held us back in a lot of other ways. We’ll continue to work on evolving this. Can I ask what specifically you liked about the old site? We’re trying to figure out what features are the most important…

    • Jason Glaspey

      Michelle, Can you be more specific with how the font is hard to read? Is it the lack of contrast in color (the gray is too light?) or font size too small? or… Thanks for the feedback!