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As bloggers, we’re constantly on the lookout for the latest trends and products and determining how to best work them into our lifestyle and share them with our audience. A leader in the tech space helping us roundup this content is Product Hunt. Product Hunt surfaces the best new products, every day. Members can submit products to be included on the site and can then be voted up or down based on their popularity. While this tends to be a geekier audience, their roundup today of Fashion Tech caught our attention!

We’re definitely drooling over – which lets you add an extension to your Google Chrome browser, shop your favorite stores and have multiple items and sizes sent to you all for free! Try them on from the comfort of your home and you have 10 days from when you receive your package to decide what you want to keep and what you send back. It’s basically your own curated style-box, hassle free and everything you want. is currently invite only, but if you act fast you can gain an invite from the Product Hunt link.

With so many tech-inspired fashion companies and products popping up every day, this is a list we’ll definitely keep an eye on. From 3D Printing jewelry and makeup, companies seem to be trying to make the online shopping experience more personable, and more similar to an in-store experience. What do you think? What’s missing from this and where do you go to find the latest in fashion technology and inspiration?

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  1. Angie sounds brilliant, they’ve captured what online customers are doing and turned it into a service. Personally I always buy 2 or three of the same item online and then use “free returns” to send back the items that don’t fit. I’ve never heard of Product Hunt , but I’ve just added them to my favourites, great site.