Why Every Blogger Needs to Know About Udemy

Photography classesRunning a website, a blog, or an online business (they can be all three at the same time) can be a rewarding and exciting affair. It can also be stressful and scary. Because no matter how much you know, there's something you don't. And chances are, you've heard recently about something you “have to be doing” and thought to yourself “Um, I have no idea how to do that…”

Trust me, I've been running online businesses for almost 10 years, and every single day I feel that pang of “shoot, how am I supposed to know how to do THAT?”

The good news is you can always improve. You just never stop learning. You make every week, every month, a little better. And before you know it, you know more, you're doing more, and you're providing more value than ever before. To me, the growth involved is the best part of running a business… the never ending learning.

So, with that, we reached out to Udemy. They are our favorite online training program, and their courses cover the gamut of whatever can be taught online (Quantum Physics anyone?). However, they have multiple amazing courses that are perfect for bloggers, and several that make a lot of sense for fashion bloggers as well. When they heard what we wanted to do, they were super happy to create an exclusive offer just for our members. Register for any course for only $19! Some of their courses are over $300 each, so to be able to get any course at all for only $19 is amazing.

Again, we really love these guys. I've used them myself and was blown away by the professionalism. And their course tool is super easy to use and makes watching their videos simple while keeping track of what you've seen and what you've downloaded.

We think this is a fantastic opportunity to learn a lot of new things while also setting yourself up to be a more focused and successful business person.

And while every course is only $19, they have thousands of courses, so we worked with them to hand-select a few courses that make sense and that receive the highest quality rankings from the students who've taken them. Again, choose whatever you want, but if you need some help picking out a few, these are a great place to start.

The sale only lasts through Sunday, July 26th, so don't wait!

Some courses to help you find something interesting.
Click through to automatically have Promo Code: “IFB50” automatically added to your order.

Update: We found out one of our own IFB members has a course! Check it out here: Empire in a Box: Build a Brand and Make Money Online

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11 Responses

  1. Melody Sours

    What a deal! Any course with SEO in the title catches my eye. I’ve been blogging for two years and still have a lot to learn about that topic. Thanks for rounding these up for us!


  2. Camille

    This is such a great article I have never heard of Udemy and I like the courses they provide. It looks like they are really doing something cool here.

  3. cute circus

    reading my mind, was looking at all their offerings recently – and this seals the deal (p.s. they have many advanced specific course offerings as well for those who already have the basics down pat there’s always room to grow)

  4. Tendtoread

    First of all thank you so much for such coupon,
    As I m a blogger and I’m learning HTML and CSS online but most of website not give proper learning course, after login Udemy I got course and also discount thank you! It’s really help me a lot.