New Member Spotlight: Amber Marie of Fatshion by the Pounds Embraces Style at Any Size

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Twenty-three-year-old Amber Marie Stephens says she has struggled with weight for most of her life. But when she turned 18, she decided her size wasn't going to hold her back from embracing fashion any longer.

“For so long I felt that being fat and short meant I needed to wear oversized jeans and layers upon layers of long sleeved shirts – with heels. The truth is, I like wearing combat boots with skirts.”

Amber's blog features a mix of fashion, body positivity, beauty and lifestyle posts. We love her sassy attitude and frank exploration of what fashion (and life!) means when you look different from 99 percent of fashion media. Also, if this post is any indication, she has the raddest boyfriend in the entire world. Check out our interview with Amber below to learn more about her style, her day job, and how she fits it all into her busy schedule!


1. How long have you been blogging?
“As much as I would like to say, ‘Oh! For years!' It's closer to a month or two. However, if you had asked how long I've been writing, the answer would be much different. I have been involved in the writing community for nearly 10 years. As for giving my opinion? Well, I'd say since birth.”

2. How did you hear about IFB?
“After reading through a few of my favorite blogs, I noticed the IFB icon/tag on a couple and it tickled my fancy, so to speak, so I clicked on the icon.”

3. Why did you decide to join?
“After reading through a few of the articles provided on the main page and trusting my fellow bloggers for sporting the icon on their blog, I thought — why not! What a great place for like minds to connect, and for beginning bloggers, like me, to learn a few tricks of the trade through articles and networking.”

4. How would you describe your style?
“I would describe my style as curvy-comfy-chic. I'm the type of girl you'd stand next to on the bus, your co-worker, a friend — but spice it up a bit.”

5. Do you blog full time or do you have a day job?
“I do have a day job. I'm administrative support for a real estate firm. I absolutely love it.”

amber marie1

6. How do you manage to fit blogging into your schedule?
“It's tough! There are days I just don't have the energy to sit down and put my thoughts into words after staring at a screen all day while working my 9 to 5. It's just like anything, though. You have to WANT it. If you want something — anything — you can achieve it as long as you put your mind to it. I've found that it helps me to write down on the weekends the blogs I want to write during the week, or I'll even write one or two up in advance and schedule them to post. This saves me some time and gives me a couple nights a week to just veg on the couch or hang out with friends.”

7. What makes your blog stand out from all the others?
“Just like the girl on the bus, your co-worker, your friend: I'm relatable! I write my blogs with the thought in mind that if I was the reader I would want to feel like I'm listening to my girlfriend ramble about, as opposed to a robot. I'll provide my take on fashion for the woman who does have to watch her spending, yet refuses to sell herself short and not be stylish, sexy, and have fun with her clothing!”

8. Are you monetizing your blog? What do you find works best for you?
“Monetize? As in make money by writing your blog? That would be a dream. I'm still researching and figuring this all out myself. However, after reading posts from other bloggers I keep in mind to stay true to your own brand and your own morals when doing this.”

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7 Responses

  1. Elisa Frittoli

    Great! I enjoyed reading the interview! And she seems to be very cool! Thanks for sharing! Xoxo Elisa

    • Pako

      Good to see courage and also a good interview, it`s a big step for all girls out there. Thank you for your power of example!

      PS: We love the way you dress as well as your “je m`n fiche” style 😉

  2. Michelle

    Love Amber’s down to earth style. Very relatable and taking a stand for those of us on the fluffier side of bodies! Keep it up!!!

  3. Brittney

    Very beautiful! hip, chic, and confident. she will go far in the blogging industry!!!