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This week we're diving into email marketing and have some great resources lined up for you to help build your list, engage your existing audience and find new ways to interact and connect with brands. To get started, we've collected a list of some of our favorite blog posts to help get you started. Later this week, look for more deep dives on specific topics related to email marketing!

The Beginners Guide to Starting a Newsletter and Email List

Pat Flynn of Smart Passive Income has made his living online and documents all of his activities in great detail on his blog. If you're looking for a wealth of resources for starting and growing an online business, look no further than to Pat.

9 World Class Bloggers Share Their #1 Email List Building Tip

This is a guest post on ProBlogger from SumoMe – a great tool for building your email list and overall site traffic.

MailChimp's Guide for Bloggers

MailChimp is one of the most popular tools to use when you're just starting out with email marketing. This comprehensive guide is targeted directly at bloggers who want to use email to better reach their audience.

How to Get More People to Open and Engage in Your Emails

Once you've built up a small email list, and gotten the hang of sending a few – you'll want to optimize your email experience and make sure you're sending emails that can be easily read, opened and encourage engagement.

Resend Emails to People Who Don't Open Them

Sometimes people don't open your email the first time around. What if you could get a second chance at engaging those people? Drip is a marketing automation and email tool that has some great built-in features to help automate tasks that can have a significant impact on your bottom line.

Why You Should Clean up Your Email List – and How!

If you've been building an email list for a long time, and have less than stellar open rates, it may be time to consider cleaning up your email list. An email list of 100,000 may look good on paper, but if less than 20% of that list is opening your emails, you'll be better off doing some clean up (and will save yourself some money on your email platform as well!)

We hope you'll find these posts as helpful and motivating as we did! Happy emailing!



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