You Can Now Schedule Instagram Posts Using Hootsuite

Instagram api is open

Instagram made an announcement earlier this month that didn't receive a ton of fanfare outside of the technology world, but the news is revolutionary for the way you'll use the social media tool in the future.

The company has opened up its API, which means developers can now access the data they need to create things like ads and buy buttons for Instagram users—functionality that users have wanted but the company has shied away from since its inception.

The company slowly began opening up advertising opportunities in 2013 to those who could afford the $200,000 buy-in. But now, the advertising floodgates are open, and it will be interesting to see if Instagram's careful rollout helps them strike that delicate balance between pleasing both advertisers and users.

It's exciting stuff for anyone who wants to use Instagram to help build their business, which includes many of us fashion bloggers. And although you may not have a developer working for you (yet), there is one benefit of this Instagram news you can use immediately: you can now schedule posts in advance using Hootsuite.

It's the first time we've been able to use a third party tool to schedule Ig posts in advance. Personally, it's something I've wished for for ages, and I have a feeling many of you feel similarly. Stay tuned, we're working on an IFB tutorial to help you get the most out of scheduling your Instagram posts with Hootsuite!

And as exciting the news is for us, it's huge for Instagram, which now has 300 million active users—more than both Twitter and LinkedIn. Hootesuite's CEO puts it into perspective in a Re/Code article published this week:

… the Internet’s newest advertising behemoth is officially open for business. Thanks in part to the new API, Instagram’s current mobile ad revenue of $595 million a year is expected to rocket to $2.8 billion by 2017 — leaving even giants like Twitter and Google in the rearview mirror in the U.S. market.

Only time will tell whether a backlash will send users to more novel apps like Snapchat. In the meantime, get ready to add Instagram to your editorial calendar planning!

[Photo via Pursenboots on Instagram]

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14 Responses

  1. Justine Hong

    It’s about time someone created this! It’ll be exciting to see how this plays out.

  2. Scarllet

    I got a question, if I schedule a instagram post with hootsuite, does it post automatically??

    • Kim Toomey

      It doesn’t actually post automatically. You need to have the Hootsuite app installed on your phone and it will send you a push notification at the scheduled time. Then it will move your photo directly into Instagram for you at the touch of a button and copies your caption. So its not 100% automated (not ideal if you want to post at 3am) but its a good first step.

    • Kate

      Hi, girls! I recommend another way to schedule Instagram posts by
      I have a small bakery and always use inst. And this service posts my photos automatically at the right time. Try this one 🙂

  3. Elizabeth

    Will definitely be checking this out! Hopefully it will help my Instagram game!

  4. heathernoire89

    This sounds really appealing! And is defiantly great for advertisers also. I really enjoyed reading this and finding this out.

  5. tellmeyblog

    I have tried it. Too bad it doesn’t post automatically. Instead, it will send you a notification to remind you to post the scheduled picture on your Instagram.