Business of Fashion Now Offers Free Online Classes

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Blogging can be a quick way to insert yourself into the fashion industry. All you need is a computer, an internet connection, and a WordPress or other platform for publishing. Or so it would seem! But to run a successful blog with content that keeps readers coming back, you also need creativity, ideas, and the know-how to put it all together into something beautiful and smart.

IFB can certainly help you learn many of those things, and now you have another resource for furthering your fashion education: the website Business of Fashion is offering free courses on topics including business basics, marketing and communications, history and entrepreneurship.

The online learning courses are a great way for would-be fashion students and entrepreneurs to find out if they really want to take the plunge into the fashion business. Or, they can be a way for bloggers or others already in the industry to brush up on their fashion knowledge with interactive videos and articles on the various aspects of building and running a fashion business.

The best part is, the only investment is your time (and your email address). BoF has partnered with brands including River Island and The Communications Store to sponsor the courses, so there's no cost to you. And if you decide to continue on for a formal education, BoF's recently-released fashion school rankings should come in handy!

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10 Responses

  1. Melody Sours

    Wow! Thank you for introducing us to the BOF site! I could hang out there all day (well in between IFB visits) and plan to take all of the free courses. I’m a blogger who’s just launched an online styling program. This will really help!


  2. Chelsey

    I follow them on Twitter and they always have great, insightful information. Very happy to hear about these online classes! Thank you for sharing

  3. Harpreet Kang

    Thank you so much for this! I am just starting out as a blogger and designer and this extra help is definitely appreciated! 🙂