Last Week’s News Today: Is Street Style Dead? NYFW Ends; LFW Begins


  • The top 20 street style looks from NYFW: Fashionista
  • The tech gadgets Aussie bloggers swear by: Huffington Post
  • What a day in the life of a blogger is really like: Vogue Australia
  • Bloglovin's style blog winners: Bustle
  • 9 trends that dominated New York Fashion Week: New York Post
  • Photos from day one of London Fashion Week: Getty
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  • 12 realities of being a blogger at London Fashion Week:
  • There was so much death at fashion week: EOnline
  • Aimee Song on what it's really like to be a blogger at fashion week: Cosmopolitan
  • Fashion blogger approves Harry Reid's sunglasses: CBS
  • Black and white ruled on the last day of NYFW: Fashionista
  • Did street style die at New York Fashion Week? The Daily Beast
  • Three ways to wear the ‘global attractions' trend for fall: EOnline

[Photo via Look de Pernille]

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8 Responses

  1. Angie

    And…..with this post you have literally saved me hours of sifting through pinterest and blogs to get to this exact list. Thank you!

    As for streetstyle being “dead”, I’ve had similar thoughts in the past. Not only about streetstyle but about the role of the blogger. Actually, I think that “runway” is dead and streetstyle is the only relevant fashion category now. Would love to hear your thoughts on this post published a year and a half ago when the NYFW organizers made a sweeping announcement that there would be “fewer bloggers invited to the runway shows” and then they ended up doing the exact opposite and putting them on stage. I thought about that strategy when confronted to what’s going on in Berline, where you no longer need an invite to go to fashion week…just pay your ticket and walk in!

    streetstyle is dead long live streetstyle !

    • Kristen Philipkoski

      Great observations, Angie! Runway is certainly changing… for one thing it seems to be increasingly commercial-focused, which makes sense with fewer traditional “industry” people in attendance and more bloggers and “fans.”

      • Angie

        In a way it would make sense for designers to give their sample and runway collections to bloggers/industry types before the actual show so they get media play. Anyways…. Great post again I’m still making my way though the articles and there’s a lot of good observations about the future of fashion week.

  2. Jeanine Marie

    I think it would be worthwhile experience FW in person at least once. However, with today’s technology you can be there, up close and personal. I was so impressed with the Burberry SS16 show. I enjoyed the coverage from the bloggers/vloggers put out there.

  3. Melody Sours

    Such a great round up! I’ve just read “What a Day in the Life of a Fashion Blogger is Really Like” and found it so motivating. As a blogger with a 9 to 5 it really pushes me to reach my goal of blogging full time. It also shows the hard work that goes into looking effortless.


  4. Tales of Two

    I think being at a fashion week is something I definitely want to experience once, I guess to feel the vibe but for the purpose of creating content, the live feeds and pictures work quite well!