Study: Your Blog Success Will not Happen by Magic

Photo via Life With Me

An article in The Atlantic today described an ongoing fashion blogger study the publication is working on. When there is a “fashion blogger study” soon to be published in an academic journal (it will appear this fall in Social Media + Society), that's when you know fashion blogging is a real career. Mock it if you will, but we warrant research papers.

Some of what The Atlantic is learning from interviews with 38 top bloggers and an analysis of 760 Instagram photos is what most of us already know: fashion blogging is extremely time consuming hard work. It's looks really fun, but it's a job like any other. The unique thing about fashion blogging is that it's part of the job to make the job look fun and wonderful all the time, even when it's a sweaty mess of anxiety and stress.

The imperative to appear perfect while laboring behind the scenes remains the norm. So while scrolling through Fashion Week photos online, it's healthy to remember that what's significant about fashion blogging isn't just the opportunity it provides to show of Valentino pumps or rave about Phoebe Philo, but also its role as a bellwether for the changing nature of consumerism and self-expression in the digital era.

The fact that a publication like The Atlantic is calling fashion blogging a bellwether of such things means that fashion blogging is growing up. And in an era where fashion writers and other creatives may face a tougher time than ever finding a solid full-time job, blogging may be a viable option—for those willing to work hard enough.

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  1. Raivyn dK

    It’s about time our “hobby” is now beginning to be recognized as an actual career.. You have to be available seemingly 24-7, look “perfect” all the time, attend events, you’re practically expected to overshare personal info.. despite being a ‘glamorous’ job, it really is hard work, and the work never ends. It truly can be stressful at times, and finding success doesn’t come quickly nor easily. But I wouldn’t change it for the world.

    – K

  2. Elisa

    Interesting! Cannot wait to read the full study! I have a very time-consuming job myself and as if that wasn’t enough I just entered the world of fashion blogging as a hobby. Only I never realized that this hobby required so much time and effort! It’s still great fun for the moment though 😉

  3. Onianwah

    This is such a great read and it’s very reassuring to know that the ‘nonsense’ I do in my spare time can actually be a course.
    Makes me laugh when I think about it in the context of Nigerians and their love for professionalism. Kids always have to study medicine or Law or Engineering. Perhaps with the new flow of creative entrepreneurship, this can change.

    Lagos, Nigeria

  4. Brooke of Passport Couture

    So true! Everyone thinks blogging is so easy, but it requires focus, scheduling, and time to make everything happen. The photos make have a beautiful, sophisticated outfit, but behind it all there is arrangements to get the photo shoots done and edited. And, once the post is up, the work doesn’t stop there with social media and promotions!

  5. Justine

    To me, it’s always so amazing when people can turn a passion into a career. It just shows how capable and hard working they are! Fashion blogging is not something to make light of, they have real influence. People and companies are starting to realize this! I applaud everyone with a desire to work hard and make it look fun at the same time!

  6. Shann

    I really enjoyed this concise but informative read. I think that this change in blogging will help us to discover more bloggers who truly put the heart & soul into their content. There’s too many people that have just hopped onto the band wagon but it feels nice to stumble across a gem & I hope that blogs “growing up” will encourage more quality.


  7. Sabina

    A very good article! Just launched my blog and I can foresee the difficulties, but I love it so much, that it really doesn’t matter how long it will take!

  8. mycubiclechic

    Please please please be sure to share that when it becomes available!!

  9. beyondbasic

    It is time consuming, a bit stressful too. Especially since I have a job and need more outfits for more looks. I do have a ton in my closet but things get outdated so it gives me more reason to shop 😉 Also writing the content, editing the photos, fixing HTML (and if you’re not web savvy, this could be an issue), and just finding new inspiration can be challenging at times. However when you get that post up and you get comments and traction, it’s all pretty exciting.

  10. Jeanine Marie

    This is the perfect article to send to people who say, “get a real job. Must be nice to do nothing all day.” There is so much to learn and you must be disciplined to stick to a schedule. It is not for everyone but I truly believe if you put in the hard work, Blogging as a career is possible and rewarding.

    Jeanine Marie

  11. Deddeh Howard

    This article is on point, as a new blogger I find myself doing a lot of work, it’s a full time job. At the same time, I have so much fun putting my ideas together and shooting for my blog. yes blogging is fun but not an easy thing to do.