International Blogger Spotlight: Meet Alessia of Fleur d’Hiver


Welcome to our first International Blogger Spotlight! Alessia of Fleur d'Hiver is a 25-year-old native of Rome who studies linguistic and intercultural mediation at the University of Rome. It sounds quite sophisticated and fabulous, and perhaps makes the next thing I'm going to tell you all the more unlikely: she spent her senior year of high school in Iowa, where she says she learned a thing or two about all things beauty: hair, makeup, nails, you name it. That's right, she credits the U.S. midwest with her mastery of looking good—and helping others do the same through her blog.

As you can see, Alessia is also a fashion maven, who posts her stylish outfits regularly. The dedicated vegetarian—you will never see fur on her blog—also got engaged in Paris this summer (congrats!!). She enjoys several other creative outlets in addition to fashion: “I’m passionate about every expression of art, I love to paint and to play the piano but sometimes I wish I had more time to practice properly.”

We feel you Alessia, there's never enough time in the day! Read more about Alessia in our interview below!


1. How long have you been blogging?

“I started my blog two years ago. My first post was published on October 10, so the second birthday is coming soon.”

2. How did you hear about IFB and why did you decide to join?
“I found it on the internet while I was looking for a bloggers’ community, I really wanted to get to know other bloggers and connect with them. I thought it would be nice to find other bloggers who work independently and share our thoughts with each others. I also found that IFB gives useful tips to bloggers, I thought it would be interesting to stay updated.”

3. You are based in Rome but seem to travel a lot. How does travel influence your style?
“When you travel you get to meet different cultures and this is always an intellectual enrichment, no matter what your interests are. While traveling, I like to observe people’s personal styles, and I find my inspiration in ordinary people. When I come back from each travel, I always bring some fashion details that I’ve discovered and then I combine them with my outfits.”

4. You mention on your About page that you studied in the U.S. Where did you study and did the fashion/style there have any influence on you? 
“I studied in Iowa, I did the senior year of high school. It was one of the best times of my life. From my experience, I could tell that in the US there are a lot of products that you can’t find in Europe yet. It really influenced my idea of ‘looking good,' because I noticed that a lot of girls in the U.S. take a good care of their hair, nails and make up and everything concerning beauty.”


5. Can you tell us a little about where you're from originally and how you first became interested in fashion?
“I’m Italian and I grew up in Rome. I’ve always had an eye on fashion, probably because in Italy it's very easy to be inspired (when it comes to) style. In Italy we have a fashion culture that started in ancient times and as history went on we never stopped caring about fashion. Speaking for myself, my interest in fashion started at elementary school while studying how the ancient Romans, Greeks and Egyptians used to get dressed and my curiosity has now turned into an obsession.”

6. How would you describe your style? 
“I think that my style is classic, but sometimes I like to add details of other styles. I love to use bright colors, and to match them properly. Most of my outfits are formal and chic, but some of them are also casual.”

7. As a student, how do you manage to fit blogging into your schedule?
“I usually take the pictures of my outfits during the weekend and then I post them during the following week. The only timing problem I had so far is that fashion weeks are the same months as my exams sessions. I had to decline some interesting invitations in order to be a responsible student, but fashion weeks are every year, right?” ☺


8. What would you say makes your blog stand out from all the others?
“I think that every person could find at least one topic of interest on my blog, because I write about many different aspects of fashion. For example on my ‘Beauty' page I write about perfumes and the latest beauty trends that sometimes I test on myself and then I share the results. I also like to give useful travel tips to people who are planning a trip in the places that I have visited.”

9. Are you monetizing your blog? What do you find works best for you?
“Yes, I’ve recently started monetizing my blog with the ads on the pages. But most of the times I work on gifting bases, which is something that I like.”

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